Fingering Sexy Aunty In The Bus

Hi this is sunny again from hyderabad 27 year old with my second story.first of all i would like to thank desipapa for putting up my story on the site.i would also like to thank all my fans who appreciated and liked my first story, and encouraged me.this story too is not a real story, its just imagination.

We were to attend a marriage of my cousin at my parents along with my sister and me boarded the bus at 9’oclock in the night. the bus was to leave at 9:30 parents got the seat meant for 2 persons in the front and me and my sister(neha) got the seat little behind meant for 3 sister was sitting at the window and i was next to her.i was 17 and neha was 16.but neha had stats of 34-25-35, with nice back and pointed nipples.just before the bus was to start , a  lady came and took the seat beside me. i thought she was around 30 year old, she was wering red saree and the same colour she sat beside me after putting bags on the top i could feel that she had a big and smooth ass. that made me look at her twice as i was i feeling quite tight in between the aunty and my sister. the bus started to move at the schedule time, i observed aunty was having big boobs and she tied her saree well below her cute little deep belly button.her sleeves were also too short with deep neck flaunting her white cleavage as she bend down to pick her ticket as it fell down.i guess her stats if i’m not wrong would be aroun 38-28-38.

After few minutes as the bus pass the city lmits the lights were turned that point she ask me where i was going, so i replied her that me, my sister along with our parents are going to vishakapatnam.she told that she was going to the same place and ask my and sister’s name.she told her name as chanchal.she started talking to me and neha discussing different topics.chanchal aunty also told us she is feeling hungry and if we don’t mind she would eats chips and also asked if we like to take.then chanchal aunty got up and took out a chips packet  from the bags she was leaning in front of me i could see her belly button and also smell her body ,the smell was fantastic.the bare  belly was cressing my face,as i could feel her soft belly on face.not able to control my feelings in the darkness i kissed her belly very lightly,but she was able to feel the kiss.then aunty took her seat looking at me while i was just looking towards window.i was waiting  for her reaction ,whether she would tell my sister.but instead she put her hand on my thigh holding chips packet and asking me and neha to eat.that was the green signal for me but  was afraid to  act in that way i just started eating chips but i could feel the pressure on my thighs.after the chips were finished neha turned her head towards the window and started to i also closed my eyes and was thinking about the that point i felt her hand on my thigh again but closer to my rock hard dick.but i pretended like i was sleeping still keeping my eyes closed.then she moved her hand a bit close and started cressing my dick lightly expecting my reaction.but as i was not moving even then,she took my dick in her hand.even now  kept my eyes closed was afraid that neha might wake up.then she started storking my dick and moved her face close to my face and kissed on my lips and whispered in my ear whether i like it.this made my dick more hard and i immediately opened my eyes looking at her.she gave me one of the sexiest smile and lightly squeezed my cock. 

After that i made sure neha was sleeping or not.when i turned towards aunty she too ask me if neha is sleeping, i told her i think she is aunty bend over and caught neha’s hand but neha did not make sure aunty took neha’s boob in her hand and pressed lightly in front of me.then she removed her hand and told me that neha was in deep sleep and took my hand in her hand pressing lightly.then placed my hand on her right boob saying that because she pressed neha’s boob i can also press her boobs.her hand was on my hand and she helping me press her boobs.once i started playing with her boob she ask me how i was feeling.i told her that they are very big and soft and i have not touch before anything  softer than she  told press harder and told me that neha has great boobs and they are too stiff and very soft.then she open two bottom buttons so as to let my hands go in and play with those milky globes.i could not believe myself when i was playing with tits pinching,kneading,pulling and mauling them very it was very dark and everybody in the bus was sleeping there was no stopping for both of us.she unzipped my trouser and took out my hard dick  and playing with my dick we had wet french i was also quite boldly feeling her boobs and also feeling her white big and sexy  belly and the belly button. 

Now i felt she was also aroused so i bent on her belly and started kissing her belly and at times inserting my tongue in her deep belly button, while my hand busy with those huge tits.i moved towards her boobs kssing her belly and her soft a moment i took her right boob’s nipple in my mouth and started sucking.while my left hand was on left boob and my right hand caressing her big belly.also sometimes i was biting her nipples by taking them in my mouth my hand was moving on soft belly freely ,my hand was able  to find its way into the saree with my fingures feeling her pubic soon as i started to play with her hairy pussy she started moaning slowly.then i felt something wet on my fingures  and as i was i caressing her pussy one of my fingure entered her pussy.this whole thing was becoming adventurous for me as i never experienced it before.she took my hand and guided it to her clit and ask me play with i started pinching ,pulling and rubbing her she told me to put two fingures in her pussy and move in and i was finguring her and aslo sucking on those big white milky globes ,she arched back and at the same time i could feel there was a gush of water coming out from her pussy.she told me it was her orgasm and water which came out of her pussy is the cum when she was cumming.she was quite exhausted for a minute or so then she took my dick in her mouth.she started to suck hard and  she was also playing with i was already hard i couid not hold for  a long time and i cum in her mouth .she drank every drop of my liquid.she sucked my dick cleaned and told me that i taste very good.then she told that she enjoyed very much and thanked me for everything. when we were about to reach our destination i started to wake my sister but she was in sound sleep and was not waking aunty told me press her boob and so i did .i kept touching and pressing her boobs. suddenly she opened her eyes and ask me whether i like her boobs or aunties boobs.before i say anything we reached as we trying to get down, neha told us she was awake all the time when we were enjoying.

I will continue in my next part how aunty ended up my cusin’s neighbour and how neha, aunty and me had threesome and how much did we fuck. But for that i need some good feedback like i had for my first story. Remember i’m from hyderabad travels frequently to chennai, so girls and aunties of whatever size and shape who wish to get in touch with me for good sex  and also uncles(old and young) who wants to see their ladies getting fucked in front of them,also old women if you want your boobs to be sucked please email me at Especially people from in or around hyderabad, vijayawada, nellore, warangal and chennai.also send me your sexy ideas too, so that i could make a good sexy fucking story out of it.everyone’s privacy is assured and expected.