Fun With Sister-In-Law

Hi, desipapa readers, I'll narrate my sexual encounter with my sister-in-law, my wife's younger sister actually I was always impressed by her beauty and her very sexy figure.  I always dreamt to fuck her at last I got success.  But I'll start sending different sexual encounters with her in parts.

First I agreed her just for kissing and after some fears she got ready for it, she came to our house in June 2002 and everyone was sleeping in afternoon and I called her in the kitchen as soon as she came I caught her and hugged her as I was hungry for her, started kissing her vigorously, she was never touched by anyone as yet, she was 23 years old at that time. I took her lips in my mouth and tried to suck all as juice and that was really marvelous while my hands were on here back and my Lund was touching her crotch. My breathing was getting abnormal but I kissed her and very deep as she moaned quite a lot but I was afraid because anyone could wake up and could see us, I controlled myself and let her go but she was really mad now but due to her shyness she never came to me that day, I tried once but she didn't let me touch her due to fears.

I sucked her boobs three or four times and had oral sex and inserted my finger sometimes into her pussy while we were in car. Then one day I booked a room in a five star hotel, though it was expensive but not more than her, because she is really an angel like.

I took her into hotel's room, as soon as I got into room, I hugged her, she was afraid and started crying that she never wanted this but I told her that you always wanted and loved me but you were afraid and no one will interrupt us today, so don't be afraid. I sat her on sofa not on bed to run her fears and after few minutes she was normal. I didn't want to waste the time because it was getting hard for me that she was with me all alone in very a romantic atmosphere and I was doing nothing to her. I took her one hand first, kissed and then licked her fingers, she was trembling by now. I calmed her down by hugging her and then immediately took her lips into my mouth and sucked them as I was drinking their juice as they were very juicy. There was fire in her lips, perhaps she too was surrendered in a romantic atmosphere and got much hotter than usual. While kissing her, I was caressing all over her body, on her back, buttocks, thighs, and her breast was pressing against my chest and I could clearly listen her heart throbbing.  She was too hot and she let her all fears go by now. She was also responding well, I was kissing her, lips, sucked her cheeks, kissed on her ear lobes and she got a quiver when my tongue touched her earlobe. Till that time I was also hot and wet as well due to our bodies’ heat, so we both helped each other in stripping our clothes off.

Now, we both were in our undergarments, she was look like a fairy in her navy blue laced panty and bra'. I couldn't hold anymore, I was too fast on this occasion, though I've had sex so many times before but she was the one whom I dreamt to fuck and anyone can loose his control while watching her figure. I hugged her and kissed her vigorously on all over her body and stripped off her bra first and then fondled her breasts, caressed well and she moaned, ummm, aaah, oooh . Touch me and suck my breast, I was dying to get my breast sucked by you. She said that I was dreaming you sucking my boobs for long long time oooh,  suck my breast, I chewed her pink nipples a bit one by one. Her breast was like a butter and pinkish white. My hands were really slipping and I was really enjoying her breast. The I lifted her in my arms and put her on the bed. The view of her naked body from top was really spell bounding. I fell on her and again began to suck her breasts and she was maoning and began to maon a bit louder as she was aroused. Then I came done on her belly and after some tickles I saw up, she was enjoying these moments by her eyes closed and was licking her lips with her tongue with moans.

I came down to her abdomen and then took off her panty with my teeth, wow, what a pussy that was, recently shaved and the complexion was wheatish with some pink color, I straight went to her vagina and after opening her legs put on my shoulders to ease my tongue for licking. I opened her pussy lips and touch her clitoris, ooooomm, she moaned with pleasure and said  come on suck it, I am enjoying, then I licked her at least for 6 or 7 minutes and she came 3 times. Then I asked her to suck my penis, which she denied and never agreed and my condition was really pathetic because I was near to cum within few minutes thats why I didn't want to fuck her straight away. I begged her again and again but she said that if you discharge then she wouldn't like that cum on my face. I said when I'll be about to discharge, you can leave it but she still refused then I slapped her and grabbed her neck, she tried to escape and I slapped three or four times more and put my penis to her lips she didn't open her mouth so I inserted my finger into her vagina with a sudden jerk and she screamed and opened her mouth. I hurriedly put my penis into her mouth and started fucking her mouth and held her head by her hair tightly. Now she gave up but she was crying now and tears came out of her eyes but she didn't escape this time. After 3 or 4 minutes when I was about to cum I took out my tool and spread my hot cum onto her breast. Now she went away and sat on the sofa.

I said her sorry but she said that you hurt me(its a long story, which took about more than one hour to agree her). This time she was ready to suck my cock but the condition was that I should wash it first so I did. Now she sucked and Gosh, she took me to heaven , her mouth was hell and I was ready within two or 3 minutes to give her a hard fuck, I put her on the bed fucked with my finger first and then put her open legs around and a bit high on my waist. I put my prick on her hole and began to push it inside, but she was virgin and very tight, perhaps the tightest ever. When I entered less than an inch she screamed with pain, ouuuch, ooooh no please  no, don't do it, can't bear it. But I didn't listen her and with one jerk pushed half of my length inside her pussy and she screamed like a hell, tears came out of her eyes, and I could see the agony of pain on her face. I stopped there for a minute when she got normal then again I began to stroke, she was screaming again but not like the first scream. After sometime her pain converted into elsctacy and she was enjoying now and saying fuck me jano, fuck me hard, kill my pussy with you penis, ooooh, uuuummm, aaagh, she was moaning and groaning and it was really turning me on. Now my rythm was so fast, she cummed twice during our fuck and she clenched her lower part while cumming, while I was coming to an end. When I was about to cum, I took out my penis and shoot all over her body and her face, she was all wet and sweat by now and we both were exhausted by all this fucking. pl send your comments to