Kerala Story

When I went to Rajeev's house, he and his mother had gone to market along with his younger sister.  When I reached, his brother Balu was there.  Balu and myself there is only a year difference.  We were close friends, that's why I was not trying to fool around  with his sisters.  He was going to the library, so he asked me to accompany.  I told no and asked Rajeev is home. He said no.  So I returned to my home.

After a while, I saw Balu is far away, I returned to his house and entered through the coconut tree yard behind his house. Kitchen door was open,  I sneaked through it.  I was confident, if no one home, front doors will be closed.  My I idea was to try his sister Salini who is studying in SSLC.  Salini is a real beauty.  Her well formed buttocks will be swinging under her long skirt, always.  How many times I masturbated imagining that sweet 'KUNDI' (buttocks).  Really her bums    made me mad.  Today at any cost I will try to fuck her, I thought.  I found her sitting in a chair back to me, and reading.   I reached her back and closed her eyes with my hands.

She shouted "who is it leave me please".

"Tell me who I am then I will leave".

"Oh you Pradeep leave me now, you naughty" she retorted.

She jumped up and screamed "how did you get in?"

From her looks, I was feeling she also need something from me.  Where everybody gone? I asked as if I don't know their whereabouts.    All gone out, I am alone She said.

Then it is convenient.

For what?

For a play!

What play?

To fuck…. I yelled.

Shhh… Don't tell dirty things lad.

Is it dirty!!!  I saw her reddened face with lust.  I looked at that sweet sixteen vixen's body.  She was wearing a dark green pavada (long skirt) and a same colour blouse.  I was feeling like to eat her.  She is like Malayalam film star PARVATHY.   Her breasts are the size of   MOOVANDAN    mangos were swinging inside the blouse.

O' baby, I softly catch hold on her sweet mango like breasts.  She didn't object and stood still.  I pressed on both MULAS (tits) alternatively.  Slowly she leaned to my body.  I lifted her face and kissed deeply on her reddish lips.  My prick got up inside my sheddy (underwear) and was getting compressed.  I was forgetting everything.  My dream girl Salini ! hundreds of nights in my dreams I wished to have her, now is in my arm hold.   I was so happy, I caught hold around her back.  That MOOVANDAN fruits on her chest pressed hard on to mine.  Salaini was also forgetting everything.  Her arms also came around to my back, to press me hard towards her.  When I sucked hard on her sweet lips Salini was rising to the heights of the passions  peak.  She also kissed on my cheeks.   I squashed her butts over the PAVADA (skirt) .  They were like soft butter.  When I squeezed them I really saw heaven.  Excitement was passing through my hands like electric current.  I was climbing the steps of euphoria.

"Salini" I called her in a very emotional way.


Leaning on to me she responded  with her eyes closed half.

I pressed her tits over the blouse.

“Hoo …yeh"

“enta mole” (What baby)"

It’’’’s   sooo good.

I held her around at the hips , and started opening her green silk PAVADA (skirt).  When I pulled the string, it fallen down on the floor so smoothly.  Then there was a white under skirt, I pulled its string also.  Indeed it was astonishing! Like a white marble statue !!!  Her thighs and legs were  well shaped round and smooth.  Inside the light yellow colour cotton sheddy (panty) her sweet pussy was bulging out, like the forehead of an elephant.  My blood pressure increased like anything. She was standing there without any shame.  I was enjoying that butter like milky thighs.  When I so the colour fat and softness of those thighs, I felt my prick will pump out milk soon.  I held her hips by my left hand slowly  felt her inside of thighs by my right hand.  She was  enjoying it very much.  I was touching her inside as well as outsides of her thighs.  My hands became frozen when I felt the warmness of her body.  I was feeling like to do something soon.  I caught her pussy over the sheddy .  Like pressing the tits,   I squeezed that IDDALI like bulging  warm cunt over  the panty.

”Shyoo…Hammeee… haaai

Salini was  trembling.  When I pressed her pussy, I was becoming mad.  I scrubbed her slit over the sheddy by my  finger nails.  She was biting her lips and looking at me in a very passionate way.  I kept pressing her thighs and pussy and bent my face, then Salini held around my neck and pulled my head towards her and kissed on my lips. She was hot, she was squirming.  I started removing the pins on her blouse.  When the blouse was open, I enjoyed the beauty of her boobs which were filled in that white bra.  I removed her blouse from her body.  There were very few black hairs  (may be 5 or 10) in her armpits.  Those tits were standing like spheres.  I pulled her towards me.  I kept my face in between her breasts  and kissed all over there. I rubbed my face between her tits, while my hands were opening the clip of her bra.  Willingly she lifted her hands for the removal of bra.  I sucked on both MULAI (tits) which were swelling on her chest.  I bit lightly on its  tiny nipples.    Salini was gripping my legs with her thighs like scissors. She was swinging her whole body .   I gave her pleasure by kissing on her neck , lips and tits.

I removed my LUNKI with my left hand.  When I started removing my underwear, Salini was looking at my cock eagerly.  I took out my 8” strong KUNNA (prick) out of sheddy.  We held each other by our hands through back of each other.  In that posture my 8” KUNNA was  pressed on her POORU (cunt) and bent upwards and was stuck  to her  abdomen.    Again I started sucking on her tits alternatively.  I bit on her nipples without giving any pain.  Salini was trembling, her whole body started shaking.  I could guess, she was getting impatient.  I inserted my hands into her panty, caught on her golden gate, I scratched on her jack fruit’s slit.  Few long hairs were there.  Here and there only.  Slowly I inserted my fingers into the gap between her nether lips.  One finger gone far inside.  Her POORU was too wet inside.  A slipping KOCHU POORU.  Salini parted her legs little and bent her hips forward.  I looked at her face, those eyes were full of passion, her lips were trembling.  Looking into her eyes I called.

“Mole” (baby)


Are you feeling good?


We will enjoy together okey?


Then I removed her sheddy  from her body.    It was bit tight to remove it over her fatty thighs.  I enjoyed the sight of her broad hips and fatty thighs. Decorated by very few black hairs her POORU was a spectacular show.  Like her tits her pet POORU was also bulging out in between her thighs.  Her small pussy was making my mouth watering.   I wished to taste it, I wished to smell it.  The pussy I saw only in dreams  is there now in real flesh.  And Good God it is inviting me.  I kneeled on ground    and held on her hips.  I squeezed on her soft  smooth round bums.  Then I brought my face to the thighs joint.  I rubbed my cheeks on her thighs.  Salini parted her legs more.  She knows I am going to lick her  sweet CHAKKA (Jack fruit).   It seems she was also waiting for me to lick on her itching pussy.  When she parted her legs that golden jack fruit opened little.  Lips on the sides of her CHAKKA’s  slit  opened like mouth.    Then I could see the redness of the interior.   A close look on the cunt lips is really wonderfull.  Smell which was coming from that beautiful pussy was like a mixture of honey and milk was indeed mouth watering.  I parted her cunt lips and smelled inside, honey smell !!  same time the light smell of piss.  It was intoxicating.  I smelled it again and again.  That urine mixture smell I really liked very much.  I was enjoying her POORU smell nearly 5 minutes.   It really made me crazy.   I wished to eat that red cherry like pussy.  I inserted my eager tongue into her vagina.  There was lot of pussy fat in between the petals of that POORU.  All I scooped it out, it was tasty like milk cream.  I licked it again and again, by piercing her pussy by my tongue.  When I was eating that POORU VENNAI (pussy fat)  I was getting a heavenly bliss.  Salini pushed her pussy more into my face.  She was trembling, she was reaching to the climax.  She parted her legs little more and  pulled hard my head to her  sex organ.  Her hip gyration was like fucking motion.  By shaking her KUNDI (ass)  she gave her pooru into my mouth.  By enjoying that Jasmine flower smell from her cunt I licked milk cream from her.  I pulled apart her cunt lips more and licked deep inside.  Salini was like mad bitch.  She started pulling my hairs on my head.  She rubbed her POORU on my face very hard.  My nose dived into her pussy and was sliding over her KANDH (clit).  She forgot all about the surroundings  and was tightly scrubbing her pussy over my nose.  My tongue was swimming like in butterfly stroke in her sweet POORU.  Suddenly her dam gates opened.  About quarter litre    hi-viscous POORU juice was flown out .    It was like honey for me.  I licked and drank that nectar quickly.  She was pressing like, as if she was delivering a baby, to drip more of her POORU juice.  Taste of that sloppy pussy milk  was giving me tremendous amount of pleasure.  I licked till last drop from her POORU and pussy slit  and between her thighs.

My cock was in a terrible condition. It was  jerking in an awful way as if it was begging for a tight squeeze.  Immediately something has to be done to pacify him, I thought.  Salini was watching my KUNNA (prick) interestingly.  She caught hold him with her soft hand, and started inspecting it keenly.  She was smiling.    She then slipped back the foreskin and watched the red hot penis head.  Also she was pressing my balls very gently.  Later she held my cock in her fist and started jacking me.  My emotion was on its peak.  If she was shaking her hand any more, I was certain my milk was going to shoot out.

“Mole (baby) don’t do that, he will vomit”  I said.

“Ho!  he is super”

Yours is also not bad, I said.

“But THIS is much bigger than mine”

Your jack fruit is a fine honey filled cunt, my dear.

“Little thief! you sucked it all”

You drained it all into my mouth dear.

“Your lips were so good , I liked it very much”

I liked your Cunt , buns and tits my sweet.

“You didn’t like my lips  |ngha… ?

May be I will like it !

“Okay then let me show my lips”

Salini at once kneeled on floor, and my gun was inside her mouth.  Salini closing  tightly her red lips over  my shaft start sucking.  Like an expert she was sliding her tongue over head of my KUNNA.  From one cheek to other she was shifting my cock often, and sucking excellently.    She was doing the sucking in various ways.   I felt her warm mouth like a small POORU.   I cannot express  here in words, the sweet feelings I relished when my cock was immersed in her gliding saliva and passed through her lips. A girls sucking is a such a marvellous job! , I never knew before.  I forgot everything   and moved my gun slowly in and out of her mouth.  Salini was also enjoying it. I bent my hips forward and fucked her mouth in a to and fro motion.   That made her so happy, she also moved her head in harmony by closing lips tightly over my shaft.   I caught her boobs and squashed it like a bus horn.  Salini was flying high into the sky of happiness.  My hands play on her tits made goose bumps over her whole body.  She started biting lightly and swallowing my thing.  By now head swinging speed grown.  For me also thrill was escalating, my fuck motion also speeded up.  I felt that I reached to the point of no return.  Forgetting all I pushed and pulled hardly.  I reached the climax.  I felt the hot milk ejaculating from my gun. That moment was the peak of passion, heavenly moment.     My milk was spraying into her mouth.  Then Salini was sucking all of that milk so tastefully.  She was moving her head in a rhythm and sucked.  Till my last drop, she was tasting it by closing her lips tightly.  When my KUNNA (prick) started shrinking she opened her mouth let free my cock.  She swallowed the saliva in her mouth, and raised her head and looked into my eyes, in that kneeling position.

Now I like your lips also, I said.

She was smiling at me.  May I eat you completely dear?

He is sleeping now ! Salini sitting in that kneeling posture only, held my shrinking cock and mocked.

If you hold it in your hand like that for sometime, he will get up, I looked to her face and told.

Okay Okay  Salini took my weakening cock in her hand played with it.  She was looking at it, this and that way, like inspecting a raw fish.  She rubbed my KUNNA from head to bottom.  In between she touched on my balls lightly, and slide her finger in the crack of my ass.  I was feeling a jiggling sensation then. Again she will rub on my prick.  When this exercise continued four or five times, my cock started showing life signs.  It almost grow to 8” in size.  Salini stared jacking me.  She held the neck of my prick head with her thumb and forefinger like a ring.  Like holding the neck of duck she squeezed it.  Then the KUNNA MAKUDAM (prick head) became so red in colour  due the compressed blood.

“I would like to eat it now” Salini said.

Okay eat dear.

“Then he will pump again into my mouth”

Let him…it is honey sweet heart.

“Yes honey I agree, but my mouth down below also need some”

Which mouth?

‘Look this mouth” Salini pointing her POORU said.

Doesn’t have any name for it?


What is it?

“Kunju Salini” (Baby Salini)

No other name?

“Yes there are”

What is that?

“Okay,  what is your this kings name” She indicated my prick.


“For mine it is POORU”

Is there honey in your POORU?

“If there is milk in your KUNNA”

Ooh    there is plenty!

“Then there is in my POORU also”

Okay,    there is something like a parrot’s beak in your POORU what is it?

“It is clitoris”

No other names?

“Other name…… yes  it is called KANDH”

You naughty, you are great Saloooo………

I also kneeled along with her.  I pressed Salini’s both tits lovingly.  She was getting heated up again.  She looked at me very passionately.  I put my hands over her neck, and kissed on her eyes and face.  Now with her right hand, she held my prick head and rubbed it over the gap of her half opened SAMANAM (cunt).  It was giving me too much pleasure.  I felt she is also enjoying.  Around 4 minutes Salini rubbed and scratched her POORU with my prick.

“Mole (baby)  I feel like to fuck, shall I insert ?” I said.

“Wait… Mone !  rub it some more, on my pussy lips, it’s itching there…”

Oh my dear KOCHU POORI you are clever !!!

“Pradeep I never knew yours is an elephant cock”

And now….?

“Now I understood, men’s prick and their body figure hasn’t got any relationship”

You liked it…?  I asked.

“Ohhh Yees!  Now insert it and start fucking dear”

Will you give me your pussy daily??

“Why not!! You and my brother Rajeev  are doing this daily.  Like that”

I was shocked.  How did she knew that secret between me and Rajeev.

Don’t get stunned, I knew that.  How long I was awaiting for Pradeep’s this hammering tool to insert into my POORU.

Mole (baby) how did you know that..?

When you two were “playing” inside the room, mostly myself and CHECHY (elder sister) used to see that.

Then what you will do?  I asked.

“Well.. we will keep it in mind. That’s all”

You    naughty.. What you will feel when you see our homosexual activities? Ngha ??

“Tingling in POORU… happy??”

For both ?

“Ngha… for Chachi (elder sister) also.”

Then what you will do?

“Sometimes finger myself and bring out the milk”  Or  play with some cucumber, pen or tippiyokka.”

You alone ..or ?

“At times  with some company”

Who will give company??

“Once in a while myself and CHECHY do it together, or  your sisters Madavi and Sumathi.”


“Yes  it’s true Pradeep”

Your own CHECHY will accompany for such nasty things??

“Why not ?  If there is itch in cunt nobody will care about relations”

I cannot believe all these.

“Can you believe it, if you see that with your own eyes ?"

Certainly then.

“Then I will show several things to you.  But one thing, you should promise me to give  this milk KUNNA daily to me.”

Salini slowly guided my prick into her pussy and pressed her hips towards mine.  My iron like prick pierced into her POORU.  She held her hand on by buttocks.  Salini like a man was fucking me, by pulling and pushing her KUNDI .    Her cunt was pretty tight.  My fat prick she liked very much I felt.  Salini like an expert was fucking me by shaking her butts.  I also started getting the tempo.   By left hand I held her buttocks and by right started blowing    her both MULA (tits) like a bus horn.   At the same time my piston was doing the to and fro motion inside her tight VENNA POORU (butter pussy).  Walls of her wet pussy was sliding over my prick so nicely.   My prick head was travelling by kissing all the interior parts of her YONI (vagina).  I felt some kind of slimy sensation over my KUNNA.  Sounds     like pluck… pluck…pluck  were coming from her cunt when we copulated.  It was  the  lyrics  of  fuck music.  I was enjoying it well.  Salini stretched her KUNDI  by bending her hips and was fucking furiously in that kneeling posture.  Insides of her sweet pussy was sprinkling heavenly blisters, I felt.  Sounds like ‘pigs eating’ were coming from her pooru, when it ate my kunna.  My whole body was getting hotter and hotter.  Salini increased her fucking speed. Her body started trembling violently, her catch on my hips was becoming tighter and tighter.



“Fuck hard, you son of a……”

I am doing it dear.

“Not enough faster…faster”

I started fucking her with my all strength, she was enjoying that.

“Mone that is it, like that fuck..fuck”

Mole I am in heaven now

“Mone fuck it by fully piercing my POORU

ENTE CHAKKARA PPOORI, it is honey inside your pussy …. AANAPPOORI …. I think I am going to cum.

“Come on … you son of a bitch .. fuck hard  with your AANAKUNNA  push  push   Ngha…haa … like that let your prick reach the bottom …let it go into my uterus”

Fuck Mole …quick..

“Quick …quick .. don’t stop now ..faster …you mother fucker”

Dhhaa…I am cumming ….

“Mone…faster push…pull that ….Ngha haa.. push..pull..fully”

Yaa.. here it comes … POOREEE…KADACHAKKA  POOREE..

“Ohh yaa..  that’s enough, for me also came…you mother fucker”

Our fucking slowed down.  My gun vomited milk into her pussy.  From her POORU also honey was flowing.  There was tremendous amount of noise from her pussy during the last phase for our fucking.  Salini’s slimy pussy bathed my KUNNA in her oozing juices.

“Pradeep do you like to drink my milk form the pussy?”   She reminded me while I removed my prick from her.

I sat on floor, and licked the AMRIT like mixture of my milk and her honey.  Salini parted her thighs  and spread her pussy lips with her both hands.  I sucked and licked that beautiful pussy, pussy slit and crack off her ass.    The milk which was flowing on her thighs were more tasty, I felt.  I licked clean every part of her privates.  Salini pulled open her POORU more, so that I can reach my tongue deeper into the pussy.  It was deep red colour inside her pussy like cherry fruit.  I felt like to sit there till my death, and suck honey from that NAYPPOORU.  When I finished Salini sat along with me on floor. Then she brought her face between my legs and licked clean my slimy cock.  She was licking on my balls and insides of thigh.  She slipped the foreskin and cleaned the prick head with her tongue.  I was curiously watching her lips flirting like a butterfly.  She was kneeling with her head down between my thighs, and her ass was in up in the air.  It was beautiful to watch her KUNDI (butts) in that position.  I decided next time surely I will fuck that fine KUNDI.


“Ummm” She lifted her face.

Now let me see your beautiful body dear.

“Okay enjoy”

I made her to stand, and was watching her back. Small hips, then her buttocks were bulging out towards back and sides like foot ball.  Front was more attractive , fat smooth thighs are joining to a fine triangle her marvellous POORU.    Her face like film star Parvathy with big eyes. Red thick lips, beautiful MOOANDAN mangoes like tits, flat and smooth belly and belly button.  Below that …haa  after fucking half opened mouth like lips parted pussy. It is unique, it was like the forehead of an elephant, bulges out in between her thighs.

We heard the conversation of Rajeev and his mom from far away.  Immediately we started dressing, and I left through kitchen.  We have to meet tomorrow, Salini reminded me.

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