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Dear readers, I am a regular visitor of this site and read the erotic letters containing the experiences/encounters of a number of young men/boys and of course a few girls/women sent to Doodhwali. That makes me very much aroused. I have also the opportunities of fucking some young sexy girls and women Here I am writing my experience of having sex with a young girl of around 23. This is for young girls and women in particular who would read it. In fact I like the young beautiful sexy girls and women with good inviting figures like 36-24-36 having strong urge for sex. I like well shaped, well developed, fleshy, spongy, firm and bouncing breasts of girls and women very much. My sexual encounter which I like to tell you now goes in the following manner.

I was a regular visitor of Lucknow for my professional works that time. There I used to stay in hotel normally. Once a close friend of mine requested me, while I was going to Lucknow, to take some articles for his cousin Mr.Sujit Bhargava who lived there. He was much elder to my friend. In fact he had telephoned him about me and told them to make arrangement for my stay with them. So when I arrived at Lucknow and reached the residence of Mr.Sujit insisted me to stay with them only and not else where. I had no option. He had two school going children. Both Mr. And Mrs.Sujit Bhargava were very much affectionate. The youngest sister of Mrs.Bhargava was also living with them. She was doing Post-Graduation there. Her name was Miss Ruchi Garg. Ruchi was a beautiful sexy looking modern girl. She possesses very voluptuous body. Ruchi had a pair of full sized protruding shapely breasts with pointed nipples. Her breasts looked quite tempting as she was in the habbit of lifting them with her costly nylon bra to keep them in proper shape. At the very first look I wished to take her breasts in my hands and crush them. Ruchi had narrow waist and quite shapely pair of hips, like the hourglass and her thighs were shapely and slender. Her hips were also very much inviting. As she walked her breasts and hips bounced and swung sideways sexily.

I stayed had to stay there for a week. I was given a separate room which was meant for guests. Ruchi had mixed up with me very soon and used to chat with me.

I had several opportunities to stare at her voluptuous body. I used to stealthily stare at her swollen and shapely boobs. When she noticed me staring at her boobs and gave suppressed but somewhat mischievous smile at me I thought I did not have any problem in looking at her breasts. I lustfully stared at her breasts whenever I found her near me alone. And I wished I could fuck her.

Mr.Bhargava had a Maruti car and a HeroHonda Motorcycle. So he told me to use his motorcycle for my mobility. On the third day when I was getting ready to go for my works Mrs.Bhargava told me if I could drop her sister Ruchi to the University which was about 5 KM away. I readily agreed. As I took out the motorcycle Ruchi came out to take lift from me. As usual she wore jeans and costly polyester tops of thin fabric through which the stripes of her bra was revealing distinctly. That made her look very sexy. She sat on the pillion resting her right hand on my shoulder started talking. When I came to the main road, she slid closer behind me pressing her boobs on my back. That gave me high voltage current. Her breasts were quite fleshy and spongy. Her body was also very warm and soft. I was getting restless and aroused gradually. I could very well know that it was her deliberate action. At times she gave full pressure of her breasts on my back when I applied breaks. I also felt the hardness of her nipples. It was pleasant for me. After some time we reached her destination. There we knew that her classes had been suspended. So she asked me that she would also go along with me wherever I was going. I had absolutely no problem. I left my works for tomorrow because I wanted to remain with her as long as possible. I asked her if she was ready for a drive again. She nodded. We chose a road which had less traffic. She sat placing her hands by my waist pulling her so close to me that I was feeling the full pressure of her fleshy and spongy breasts on my back and as I applied breaks she sighed sexily also. I got excited. In fact it was signal for me to advance so without wasting much time I suggested her to see a movie. She herself gave me the direction of the cinema hall. It was fifth week of the movie which we had gone to see. Actually I was least interested in movie rather that her nearness at some lonely place as was she also. We bought the rear seat in the balcony. As the movie progressed I placed my hands on hers and caressed and pressed them gently. She responded to that. I gradually moved my hands over her body caressing each and every part of hers. She just kept mum. As my hands travelled through her shapely boobs and started caressing and pressing them gently she hissed and sighed in suppressed voice. She told in my ears …..ssshhh…kahin koi idhar dekh to nahin rahaa hai….... I told her not to worry, no body was seeing us as we were in the rearmost seat and other people are sitting in rows much ahead to us. Ruchi was then allowing me to caress, fondle, press and squeeze her breasts with my both hands freely. She was caressing my hands in the process. I found her to be a very co-operating girl that way. Her boobs were very firm and tight. I was enjoying very much. I moved my hands down to her crotch and started caressing her on that zone. I slowly unzipped her jeans and explored her pussy from over her panty. Ruchi never objected me from doing so. Rather she also placed her hands on my bulge from over my pant and she was a bold enough to unzip my pant and started exploring my dick within my underwear. And you know ………Ruchi ka haath lagte hi mera dick aur adhik hard aur long ho gaya……Ruchi mere dick ko shlane lagi. We were both enjoying each other’s company. We were engaged caressing and exploring each other’s body through out the movie. After the movie was over I said to Ruchi that the movie was interesting, she instantly replied that my company made it more interesting. We reached home. In the evening when Ruchi came with tea in my room I held her in my arms and kissed her all over. I started doing the same thing what I was doing her in the cinema hall, but she did not allow me to advance further. She told me ……oofffooohhhhh…hato naa.… itni jaldi kya hai…. You know I am also feeling restless, but this is not the right time dear…….main 11 baje ke baad tumhare paas aa jaauungi jab sab log so jayenge…. ….and then we will enjoy the whole night….. And after assuring me to come to my room in the night when every body would be fast asleep, Ruchi left the room.


It was all by chance that Ruchi’s room was just adjacent to that of mine and there was a door also interconnecting our rooms. Ruchi opened that door and sneaked into my room silently. I was waiting for her restlessly. So without wasting any time I started kissing her from tip to toe ----- mainly her lips, her neck, her breasts, her navel, her crotch, her thighs, her hips, etc. Then I started undressing her. She did not object at all. After a few seconds she was standing stark naked before me. You know I was simply amazed to see that her breasts did not need the support of any bra. Her breasts were very fleshy, bulging, firm looking, round, well shaped and protruding and her nipples were pointed hard. She was looking like an angel. Her hips, crotch, and thighs were also very much shapely and inviting. I told her that I had seen a number of beautiful young girls and women having good figure in their full nudity and she was nonetheless. In fact Ruchi in her full nudity was looking very very beautiful, sexy, and inviting. She asked me to take off my clothes also. I immediately did so. We kissed each other frantically. I mouthed her breasts for a bit longer. She just held my head in her arms and caressed my hairs in ecstasy moaning and sibilating in a very suppressed voice. She encouraged me to do so. I took her breasts in my hands standing from behind and squeezed her breasts. Ooh her breasts were so firm and tight that I was not in a mood to remove my hands from them. I praised Ruchi for her shapely firm and tight breasts. She told me that she did lot of exercise to maintain the shape, size, and tightness of her breasts. Ruchi told me that I could fondle and squeeze her breasts any time during day hours also, but we won’t have the opportunity for further enjoyment other than night. Then Ruchi herself asked me to fuck her without any further wastage of time. I took her to bed, kissed her all over, licked her breasts, nipples, etc. She herself parted her legs and told me to enter in to her. I adjusted myself between her thighs and placed my cock just over her pussy. She told me to take care and enter slowly otherwise it would pain her. I asked her if it was the first time for her. Ruchi replied that she was not virgin, it was not the first time for her, but she was not habitual. I assured her that I would take care. I sucked her lips and nipples. I went on kissing her bare boobs and slowly pushed my cock right inside her vagina. It was vary hot. I asked her if she felt any pain, she replied ….nahin pain to nahin hua lekin agar aur andar push karoge to perhaps…. I told her ….jitna push karna thaa push kar diya.. I am completely inside you Ruchi… Ruchi told me …oohh kuchh pataa hi nahin chalaa…. Tum to bilkul expert malum hate ho... I told .. darling yeh kya hai … expertise to aab dekhogi… and I slowly started pushing and pulling my cock into her hor vagina.. Ruchi was hissing, moaning, sibilating,…. Oooohhhh.. ….aahhh…. oooffff… iiissshhhh….. uuummhhhh…. I gradually increased my speed. Ruchi was responding with her haunches. When I found Ruchi was not feeling any pain rather she was enjoying fucking, I started pumping fast in to her. Ruchi was uttering unclear words in the state of full ecstasy in her low suppressed voice …oohhh. Oofffoohhh… …aaaahhh… uuuuhhh… …uuummmaahhh… ooohhh… …yyyeeessss… fffaasssttt…. Cccooommeee oonnn…. dddeeeaarrrr…. ..fuck me fast….. I was also romping fast. I went on fucking Ruchi in full speed. Then I asked her to change posture. She did. I started fucking her from behind. Finally both of us exhausted. We were gasping. Ruchi told me … pahle itna maza kabhi nahin ayaa thaa.. tum bahut achchhe ho.. you know how to fuck a young girl… how may girls have you fucked … you seem to be an expert in fucking my dear… I told that I had the opportunity of fucking a number of young girls and young women and all of them had praised me for my fucking. We rested for about 30 minuted to 45 minutes and again started for the second round. I and Ruchi enjoyed fucking for seven rounds in a row that night. In the morning Ruchi went to her room and bolted from inside and slept.

I kissed Ruchi when ever she came to me during day time. I also fondled her firm well shaped boobs. I fucked her for five nights (till I stayed there). And before leaving Lucknow Ruchi promised me that she would give me many more chances for fucking in future also whenever I would be going there.

After that tour I stayed in Hotels whenever I went to Lucknow. I used to meet Ruchi in Unniversity and arranged for our fucking programme in Hotel itself where I stayed.

I came to know that now Ruchi has got married. I hope my readers, especially young girls and women, might liked the story. They are welcome to write me Emails on this ID

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