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Kinky Mother Son - 3

My son Kabir became even more fond of me as the days passed. He decided the marriage day and the temple was close by. I picked out blue silk sari and and Kabir wore a white suit. That morning Kabir woke up when I was still asleep and he masturbated to my naked body. He poured out his semen in a plastic cup which could be fit into my panty," Mom you wear this panty when our marriage is performed. Your cunt will feel my seed when the pundit is uttering mantras. This wil help you become pregnant fast." My kinky son was sending shivers in my body with his kinky thoughts.The pundit performed the ceremony and all this time my son's seed was touching my cunt making me aware of his seed on my cuntlips. Ceremony made us legally "Husband and wife". We came back to hotel then made love to consummate our marriage.

He tore off my sari as soon as we came into the room. The hotel had placed a bottle of champagne for us as a wedding gift." Mom, you should drink my cum from your panty first and then drink champagne, to our wedding. I like my wife to be naked and drunk, lets toast mom. You are no longer a widow. Your son has made you SUHAGIN again. Lets enjoy your suhagraat." I took off my panty, drank his semen and then drank the champagne and smiled at his enthusiasm. My cunt was weeping juices at the thought of my suhagraat with my own son. Kabir pourd some champagn on my tits and licked them. He got on the sofa next to me and bring his mouth up to my tits.

"Ah yes beta that feels so good. Suck on your mom/wife's tits. Make me your wife, son. You may do whatever you feel like my husband. Meenu is all yours, for ever." I said.

Hearing me call him my husband just drove him crazy. He poured more drink and began sucking on my tits. He used his other hand to grip onto my pussy stroking it with his fingers. He could feel how wet I was already. Then he spilled some drink on his cock and commanded me," Meenu, suck on your lollypop, mom, drink from my cock as I am sucking on you boobs. Mom your boobs are so beautiful!"

I spread my legs open as I felt him stroking my pussy. I felt my orgasm coming on and thrust my pussy up against his hand and lowered my mouth on his thick champagne drenched cock and sucked it.

Kabir sucked on my tits and drank the champagne, making my tits pink with excitement. He then moved down my body and started pouring drink on my cunt and licking my pussy. He, then grabbed my hips and brought my pussy up to his mouth licking greedily. He tasted the drink on my pussy lips and my juices which had mingled with the drink. He realised how wet I was and it just made him feel so animalistic.

I sucked his cock as he licked my pussy. I reached down and ran my hands through his hair holding his face gently to my pussy.

I was so hot that my juices did not stop even for a moment. He felt my orgasm coming more and he just kept on licking. I suddenly felt my orgasm hit me and my thighs gripped his head and I was screaming with lust. I then felt my pussy shake as I came.

"Meenu, my wife, my mother, I have made my bride cum. Now its your turn to make me cum with your lips and tongue. Dad must have taught you to suck cock. Now your husband wants you to suck him like a slut that you are mom. Make you son happy, mom, make your suhagraat with your son memorable by sucking his cock" My tiny fingers circled his cock. I slowly began to stroke him rubbing his cock up and down. Kabir felt aroused as I, his mother rubbed his monster cock. With one other hand, I lifted and squeezed my son's testicles.

"You're sooooo big, soo thick beta, your cock is bigger than your dad's..." I whispered.

"Suck me, Mom - Suck my cock mom!" he said "God, I've needed this soooo badly ever since I saw you fucking be my wife now and show me how sluttty you can get with your son..." The touch of taboo of his words filled with awe.I took his cock into mouth and rubbed his ball sack, teasing his testicles. I sucked the huge, engorged cockhead first, stretching my lips on the shiny red supada. I took in more of my son's cock in my mouth, rubbing the big head against the roof of my mouth. I loved the taste of his cock. My son watched in amazement as his cock disappeared into his Mom's mouth. He was in ecstasy as he began to fuck his own mother's mouth.

"Oooooo God Mom, you are sooo hot. Suck hard, you slut. It feels soooo good...," Kabir panted. For me my son's cock was an object of worship. I was licking my son's dick: turning my head slowly from side to side, moaning loudly.

Then my son could take no more. "Oh, God! I'm going to cum! Uhhhh Meenu, suck meee. suck your son! Mom! UHHHHH!"

Kabir began to cum. His seed fell on my upturned face. I swallowed my son's precious incest seed, loving the salty taste. Sperm ran down my neck and on my tits. Kabir said "That was incredible! You're a fantastic cocksucker, Mom !"

"Thank you, my dear son. I'm so glad you enjoyed it as much as I did..." I replied.

My son's cock was lipstick-smeared.

My sindoor had spread on my forhead and my kajal was all spreadout on my face. Kabir brought a blindfold from nowhere and put it on my eyes." Mom, you will enjoy your suhagraat but wonr see it. Your son is going to give the best fuck of life. Dont try to peep or I will have to punish you. Darling dont make a noise. And if you call me, call me Gokul or "My Son". I had no choice but to obey. I did not want to obstruct my son's plans. After all he was my husband.

I had no idea as to what was happening. I was lying spread eagle on the bed. I could hear him moving about. Then I felt cold liquid on my nipples, then his hot breath touched my sensitive nipples. His tongue travelled downwards on my stomach. His mouth seemed to move below to my trembling cunt lips as I felt his breath there. His hand patted my swollen pussy. Then my son put my toes of my feet into his mouth and sucked them one by one. I moaned with excitement. He sucked harder. Then his tongue travelled all over my legs and thighs," Ahhhhhh, arggggg, I am so hot, dont tease meeee son... you are driving me crazy.....undo the blindfold...." A sharp slap hit my pussy lips," Meenu, you slut, I told you not to are compelling me to punish you bitch. shutup and let you husband fuck you.

I was spread totally nude before my son/husband and was aroused beyond all points. Thick pussy juice oozed from my cunt, soaking my asshole. It was the most fantastic sight ever. I moaned in ecstasy as I felt the smell of hos cock close to my nostrils. I pushed my tongue but my son had yaken his cock away from my lips. He was teasing his mother. I wanted his cock so badly in my cunt. But he had other ideas.

He turned me over on my stomach and kissed my back, my legs and then his tongue found the crack of my ass. His mouth licked my asscheeks and spread them wide, centering onmy puckered asshole," Ohhhhhh God......son dont....dont mouth my ass......your mom's dirty ass.....dear dont kiss it......ohhhhh kiss loves it....push your tongue in my ass," I moaned as his hand landed heavily on my ass," You bitch.....dont forget what I told are not to open your bitch mouth....your ass needs punishment. If you speak now, your ass will be son will fuck your ass then" came the last warning

I became silent and he began to kiss my asshole again. Stragely, I like his tongue in my ass as he continued to spank my ass lightly. My pussy was leaking juices profusely. He fingered my pussy and the I imagined that he got up. He kissed my ass cheeks one more time before adddressing me again," You are sexiest, most adorable woman to your son. And I need to get inside your cunt soooo badly...Now my wife may speak but not see yet"

"Ohhhhh, my darling husband... this is SOOOO HOT, SO FUCKING HOT.... FUCK YOUR WIFE, YOUR MOTHER!! ." I groaned out.

"Yes, Mom, I am married to you in incest. And that's what makes it so nasty, wicked & hot. And that's why you want my cock so much, isn't it?"


The wonderful friction of my son's awesome cock against my hungry pussy set me on fire and I said : "YES!! OHHHHHH, YESSSSSSS!! DOOO ITT!! TAKE MEEE!! MY LOVER -MY HUSBAND- MY SON! FILL ME WITH YOUR SEED.....MAKE YOUR MOM THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILD!"

With that, my son pushed his cock into my pussy in one stroke- the one place in the world forbidden to all sons. Hi huge cock parted the walls of my quivering pussy. He pushed his huge cock into his own mother's womb. I whimpered helplessly my son's penis filled his mother's cunt.

" OOOOO!! It feels SOOOOO GOOD!! Screw me, my son!! Take me!! Impale me on your massive cock!! FUCKKK YOUR MOMMY!!.

Kabir began to fuck me savagely. I moaned like a little girl as he pounded my pussy without mercy.

I couldn't believe the vulgarity coming from my mouth now. I was bursting forth: "Yesss! That's it! Take me, my son, fuck your mother turned wife! Screw me! FUCK ME HARD!" I shouted. " I am yours - body and soul! You OWN me, my son! My cunt, my womb, my titties, mouth and butt all belong to you ! I was born to be your WIFE....MOTHER AND WHORE!! I need to have your babies - YOUR INCEST BABIES!! MAKE ME PREGNANT WITH YOUR TABOO SEED.....FILL MY WOMB!! FUCKKK MOMMY!! KNOCK YOUR MOTHER"

My son shot load after load of his cum in my cunt, making me pregnant with his cock on my suhagraat. My pregnancy test was positive and in 9 months I bore his first daughter whom he has named Maneka.


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