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Fucking My Rani Aunty

Writer: Kama

Hi guys and gals, my name is Raja and this is the story of how I seduced my aunty Rani and made her do whatever I want and made her my slut....I am an average built guy who is 25 and Rani aunty is my dad's younger sister, she is 35 and not married yet. She has a slamming figure, 38C chests, 25inch waist and 39 inch ass......ah what a sweet figure.

I am sure she never had sex....but guys look at her with lust where ever she goes. I guess her parents were not successful I finding her a match. I didn't give a shit...I wanted to bang her. I had a plan. I always made sure I spent time with her, going with her shopping, helping her with chores etc. Rani aunty always jokes around with me and says..."you have no life Raja, don't you have a girlfriend?"

I will joke back and say "you are my girl". Just looking at her and being close to her was not doing it for me anymore...I decided to get bold and fuck her. She always wore conservative clothes, hiding her treasures. I decide to change this. She likes watching I rented a really sexy tamil movie where all the actresses wore real low cut blouses and wore their saress so low below the navel.

I knew she will comment on the movie and I was going to use this to get her to wear these types of blouses and sarees.It was just her and I in her room with the door closed watching the movie one day.....once the movie started to play and the actress started to come in these really sexy sarees and blouses....Rani Aunty said "Good...what has the world come to? Girls are showing everything without shame"

I said, you said it Rani Aunty...these are just stupid girls and I fast forwarded the song part of the film. I had a plan and it was working...Rani aunty goes "I thought you will like this sort of actress?" I said no, I only like certain type of women. Rani Aunty asks..."oh really now...what type would that be? I said if I tell you, will you promise you won't beat me up?

Rani aunty laughs and says go ahead you bad boy. I said if you wore a low cut blouse and saree like that I wouldn't fast forward like I did now....Rani aunty got mad and said "do you think I am cheap like that? I said no Rani aunty, but you are more beautiful than any actress and yet you dress like an 80 year old women....Rani aunty slaps me playfully as

I was sitting beside her and says "you naughty really do like me huh when you say I am your girl? I couldn't believe my ears..I was so happy to hear. Rani aunty further said I am old now anyways....I said "can you please get up and come over here and dragged her to the mirror and you see what I see? You are gorgeous woman. She smiles at me and gave me a hug....

I couldn't believe it. Then she asks me, where can we go just between the 2 of us to stitch new blouses and dresses? I couldn't believe my ears....this works out perfect since she lives alone in a different complex no one would know. The next day we bought a lot of materials, I made Rani aunty by alot of see through materials for blouses with see through sarees.

I knew of a lady tailor who is so modern that lived a few hours away from where we lived and took Rani aunty there. When we got to the lady taylor Ranjitha, it was late and no one was at her store. I thought this was good for me....I asked Ranjitha if she had sample blouses Rani aunty can try first to decide on the style...Ranjitha had some real low cat blouses with front openings, back openings, back ties etc.

Ranjitha showed Rani aunty to the change room and told me help her if she needs help as I need to go and pick up my 5 year old daughter and will be back soon. Rani aunty heard this as she went to the change room. That day she was wearing a saree the traditional way. After a few minutes...she calls me " Raja...Raja...can you come inside please?....I was like there is a

Goodness! I went inside and she was standing there with the pallu down and the new was yellow in color and see through material, very low in the front and only had 3 hooks in the front. I couldn't take my eyes off the blouse. Rani aunty saw this and said...hey boy move your eyes up...she says this with a smile.

I said how can I and smile back? Since the blouse was so low and the black bra Rani aunty had on was too showed out of the blouse. I said Rani aunty...maybe you should wear the blouse without your bra? She gave me a stern look....I said no I mean for the style of the blouse you have on and pointed as she forgot to notice that. I took it one step further and said since you have yellow saree on, why don't you lower it like the actress on the movie and try the blouse with out the bra?

Rani aunty shook her head to a yes...As I turned to walk out of the room...she says Raja you don't have to go out you can stay. She had long thick hair...she takes off the blouse and then unhooks the bra with her back to me and put the hair to cover her boobs....then puts the blouse on pushes back the hair then hooks the blouse and turns was a bit hot that day an since it was a see thorough material blouse....I saw her tits pretty clearly.....more to cum later.


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