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Just Oral

Writer: Sammy


Hello friends, This is Sammy from Amritsar and my email is Please write to me if you like my story. I am 29 years old, single, always looking, desperate for first fuck. This story is a real incidence which happened to me just by chance at Jalandhar. I went to Jalandhar to marriage ceremony of my cousin sister and was supposed to stay there for two days till her reception was over.

I was feeling bore as I donít enjoy much among relatives. Still I had to manage. The arrangement was like that the ceremony was there in some banquet hall but my Chacha has arranged our stay in some rental bungalow( Kothi we call in Punjab).So all the relatives were at Kothi and we were all supposed to attend marriage and get back to this Kothi for sleeping. Many of my cousins were there. Among them were three mamajiís daughters and two massiís daughter. I was close to them all but I never had incest in the mind. Things were well, we enjoyed marriage and danced and dine and everything. After we were tired we planned to get back to Kothi.

So in my car me, two of my cousin brothers and three of my cousin sisters also came back to kothi. Already other people were also back to the place so we had to struggle to find place to sleep. Out of three rooms two were already full and only one had some space. So my two cousins slept on other side, two cousin sisters on other side and me the eldest among them and Sapna (my Massiís daughter and youngest of them all) on one side. We had one pillow, one sheet to cover and then we arranged for sleep.

To be honest I had nothing in mind at that time, and regarding her she was the real little angel, so she was clean and clear at heart. After a sleep of a hour or so I felt some pressure on my legs, I awoke and found Sapnaís legs on mine. She was sleeping, not snoring, too calm and too innocent. I enjoyed the view and her warmth. She was 16 years old and fair in complexion. She was like a fairy in my arms and still I was looking at her as sweet little sister only. But her pressure on me and her breathing near my ear was making me hot. I planned to divert my feelings and just with an arm around her I was trying to sleep. Just few mins passed say around 20-30 mins, that with the pressure of my hand she just moved a bit and put her arm around my neck.

Her breathing was normal, I was sure she was sleeping, but what about me, I was awake and I was enjoying the grip of my sister around my neck. I donít know why but I made a move and hugged her tight. She also reciprocated as if she was hugging her mother or so. It was tough for me to handle the situation, but she was surely sleeping. I could have moved her to other side but no I was enjoying the things and you know what I just moved her kurta (Top and Capri she was wearing) a bit high and I placed a hand on her naked stomach. Oh my God what a feeling it was. I was just in heaven. Though I was touching her stomach but something was happening in my stomach.

Fear, love, sex, curiosity, enjoyment, or what I just canít name the feeling, but it was just unbearable. I kept as I was for around 20 mins and then just dared to move my hand. It was just awesome, but now she made a move, she took my hand and took out that out of her top and kept it near her like she was asking me not to touch her. This move was as gentle as it could and I could make out that she did it while sleeping.

But her posture was the same. Her own hand around my neck and her face very close to my face. Now I had to try something else. I just moved a bit closer to her and opened my mouth. Actually I was trying to touch my lips to her face and after around 20-30 mins I was successful. I was like planting a kiss on her face but it was as humble she was sleeping and I was enjoying her face now. After few min she held me tighter, I was just not sure that if she is awake or sleeping now, but I didnít changed my position. It was around 3 now. I knew people will be here at around 5 and I didnít have ample time. So I made a move. I again inserted my hand in her top and kept it straight on her stomach.

This time there was no objection. Now I started moving my hand and enjoying. My heart was beating too fast, but the experience was worth it. Now it was turn to do something big, so I moved my hand higher and touched her bra. Its hooks were on her back and I had no experience in opening braís so I got up sat and then changed my side to her back. After I was back in sheet I opened her bra hooks and then hugged her from behind. I applied pressure on her small boobs and got her nipple in my hand. I canít tell you how does this feel.

I was now brave enough to play boldly. I moved my hand on her capri now, She was moving a bit. When I touched her pussy from above her capri she just changed her pose and slept straight and just opened her legs a bit wide. Oh my God I couldnít resist. I now tried to put my hand in her capri she allowed. I could feel hair on her pussy. I was sure she doesnít know much about sex and donít shave pussy much. I was getting wild. She was responding to my moves but I had a guilt feeling within that she was my sister and I should stop now it was 4 already.

Now i tried to insert one finger in her pussy but she held my hand and got that out of her capri and kept that on her stomach. It was like she was asking me to play with her but in some limits. I did the same. At around 4:45 after I was a bit satisfied and my dick was oozing and paining I got up , went to bathroom, just shot my sperms in toilet seat and flushed and came back. Trust me I am always looking for sex, in my dreams I see married ladies or I see mature ladies who are stranger to me and who call me to their home for something else and then use me for sex and that too in different posture like anal,

Mouth fucking, like a lady on my top on my dick with her hand on my chest, but this was all in my dreams, I never got chance to fuck. As I was always looking for a stranger, an unknown and today for the first time I got someone in my arms but she was my sister.Must tell you when all this happened I thought my feelings were satisfied but after this incidence my hunger has increased. I am waiting for a call from some married or unmarried lady in 30ís age and desperate for sex. While writing this only my dick is wet and sometimes I canít make out that this is my passion or what.

Then I came back and slept on sofa as I was sure that if I will sleep with her I wonít be able to control and someone may find us. I told you already that I was supposed to be there for two days and next day when she woke and we met she behaved as if nothing happened at night. Even I was worried if she was sleeping or what but at night when we arranged to sleep she again chose the seat next to me and when I was about to sleep she whispered in my ears ďEnjoy in limitsĒ. Give your views on my email or add me for chatting

We never talked this thing in day time, we are as normal brother sisters when we meet but turn wild whenever we get a chance to sleep next to each other(this happen once or twice a year when I go to my nanihaal). Now in some night only she promised me that once she is married she will allow me to fuck, but till then she want to be virgin and in my case I think opposite I am 29 already and will be married soon say within a year to someone and I donít want to to marry as a virgin


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