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Hi, I am Vicky. I'd like to share my true experience. I am 32 yrs old and married to gorgeous lady RAJANI.she is 27 yrs old and has a great figure 36/25/38.she really has big ass and like to sway it as much as possible. she and i are perfect match bcos she has exhibitionist tendencies and I am a voyerist.All my friends and some of my kins are really mad after her. they would not miss a single chance to ogle at her charms or pass a vulgur comment whenever possible. She also enjoys it very much. Of them the most prominent is my b-i-l,amit,who is my jeeja,married to my younger sis KAJAL 

Aged 24years and has a fantastic figure.kajal got married to amit around 3 yrs back and they stay in b'lor.whenever they come to bbay to meet us I notice that amit is trying to get more and more liberal with my wife rajani.He would tease her or pass seemingly innocent{?} double meaning comments on her. He used to call her BHABHI DARLING or SEXY BHABHIJI in front of us and we never used to mind it taking it in good spirit. My wife also used to tease him alot by wearing transparent sarees and provocative dresses and used to encourage him indirectly to pass more comments and tease her. he never used to let go such chances.Things really started going when last time my sis came to visit us about six months back.during that time I noticed that my wife used to be very horny in the nights and I had to fuck her 3-4 times in one night to cool her down.I asked her the reasons for her being extra horny, but she wouldnt answer.Finally one night when she was ver very horny I refused to fuck her and asked the same thing again.

I told that I wont mind anything if she told me the truth.then she told me that ur jeeja AMIT was saying some real vulgur thing to me when we were alone in the house.I asked her what he was saying to which she said he said that i look a real hot ITEM in this saree and sala {i.e. me}is a very lucky basterd to have such a sexy wife.I asked my wife to narrate the entire episode to me as i was getting hot by listening her story. In RAJNI"S own words. RAJANI:I was dressed very provocatively today as i knew amit will again say some real hooo...t things seeing me in such dress. I had worn a lemon yellow silk saree which was very transparent with black blouse and a lacy bra under it showing my full BOBBE and also i had cut the central part of the cup of the bra so even my orange coloured nipples were also visible to anyone who is interested. the moment amit saw me he said CHICKNI BHABHI AAJ TO ITEM LAG RAHI HO. 

I smiled looking at him and then on pretext of correcting my palloo i wrapped{or may be unwrapped} it on my shoulder in such a way that both my boobs along with nipples were clearly visible to amit and then i asked him"what do you mean by saying item,kaisa item?" he said ragadne,dabane aur masalne layak,looking very lustfully at my near naked boobs. I :kyo kajal bhi to hai yeh sub karwane ke liye he: woh to purani ho gayi hai i :tau maein kaun si nayi hoon? mein bhi to purani ho gayi hoon.vaise tum kya ragadna chahte ho aur mera kya tumko achha lagta hai?. he:tumhare ye mote-mote BOBBE aur tumhari yeh badi GAND.... and he wanted to say few things more but i stopped him saying bas bahut ho gaya gandi baaten,ab bolo kya loge. he:pyari bhabhi aaj to aap ki woh loonga jo mera sala roj leta hai,kya samajh gayi na mein kiski baat kar rahahoon he said looking directly at my choot although i was liking it but to hide my horniness and to change the topic i said I:chhodo na yeh sab batein. he: kya,CHODO na hai main to kub se taras raha hoon tumhe CHODNE ke liye. I bluntly asked him kya kajal ko nahi chodte ho jo mere peechhe pare ho.

He kajal ko to roj hi chodta hoon per aaj tumhari in choochiyon ko dekh kar mera lund dekho kaise khada ho gaya hai. Saying that he actually pointed towards his bulge in the trousers.{i was getting very excited listening all thes erotic talks from rajani's mouth and started undressing her } I:agar mere pati ko pata chal gaya to woh tumhe ...... he inturrpted me and said that pata chala to bhi kya mein tumhare badle mein us sale ke samne apni biwi ko leta doonga aur bolunga ke le ab ise jee bhar ke chod par badle mein apni biwi ko mujhe chodne de. {I will offer him my wife to fuck for a fuck session with you} I: par kajal to unki behan hai. He: to kya hua bhai behan ko kyon nahi chod sakta hai kya bhai ke pass lund nahi hota hai aur vaise bhi kajal ko to vicky ka lund bahut pasand hai . {Now this was a news for me} I: tumko kaise maloom. He :wohi bol rahi thi mere ko.keh rahi thi vicky bhaiya ka lund bahut lamba hai mujhe ek bar unse choodane ka bahut man hai. par bhabhiji plzzzz ek bar to apne ball mere ko dikha do na please. I:abhi dikhane ko bol rahe phir bologe ki dabane ko do na phir na jaane kya kya bologe jao mein nahi dikhati agar mer mamme dekhne ka itna hi shauk hai to jao pehle apni kajal ko nangi kar ke mere samne lao phir mere ball hi kya yeh {pointig towards my choot}bhi dikha doongi. 

He :please bus ek bar saying that he clung to me from behind rubbing his big lavda on my gand and started to squeez my boobs saying AHAAAAAA KYA BALL HAI TERE AAJ DABANE KO MILE HAI INKE LIYE TO MAI KAJAL KO NANGI KAR KE USKE BHAI KE SAMNE LETA DOONGA AUR BOLOONGA TU ISE JEE BHAR KE CHOD PAR MUJHE APNI BIWI KO RAAT BHAR CHODNE DENA. I;par vicky ne na bola to He:woh na bol hi nahi sakta akhir meri biwi bhi to sex bomb hai tumne dekha hai na uske mammae aur uski gand. koi sala NAMARD hi usko chodne se na bol sakta hai. i was really enjoying my conversation with amit so to encourage him further i asked him, I: tum mujhe kaise cho...pyar karoge. He: tumhare in BOBBO{boobs} ko bahut choosoonga,tumhare in orange nipples ko ragad ragad ke lal ker doonga aur tumhari in jangho{thighs} ko makhhan laga kar chatoonga aur phir jee bhar ke tumhari choot ka baja bajaoonga aur uske baad tumhri gand ke chhed main mai apna lavda dal ke sari raat bhar ragadunga.agar tumko meri choodai se maja nahi aye to mere lund pe thook ke chali jana,meri jaan. All the while he was playing with my boobs and rubbing his prick on my nange CHOOTARS{he had lifted my saree and also unbuttoned my blouse and was tweaking my nipples in the meanwhile} he: bolo kab mujhe chodne de rahi ho. 

I: jab tum apni biwi ko mere badle mere pati ke pass apne hathon se nangi kar ke bhejoge tab. Saying this I came out of the room.he tried to follow me but i entered in our room and closed it from inside.But i was feeling so horny since then just thinking of his soo... huge cock entering in my pussy made me so horny that i cannot express and then I thought of vicky{my husband} fucking his own sister. In the evening i met Kajal and asked her very bluntly about what amit was saying she was very reluctant at first to admit it.but later on after some persuation she said "amit tau pagal hai bhala aisi baatien kabhi batayi jaati hai"i again asked her per kajal sach batana kya tum apne bhai ka lav.... err..... apne bhai se pyar karna chahti turn she asked me bhabhi first you tell me frankly whether you liked amit rubbing his lund on your nangi gand did you enjoy it how did you find his prick.i told her that "plz kajal us waqt ki yaad mat dila nahi to phir se meri choot mein se pani chhootna shuru ho jayega aaaahhhh kitna pyara lund hai amit ka man kar raha tha ki bas isi tarah wo apna lund mere chootaron ke beech ragadta rahe aur aisi hi pyari-pyari baatein karta rahe.tu bahut lucky hai ki tujhe aisa pati this kajal said bhabhi tum kaun si kum lucky ho bhaiyya bhi to tumhe roj hi chod.... errr pyar karte hain.hai tumhe bhaiya ke sath maja tau aata hoga,hai na?i said yes vicky tau mujhe bahut maja dete hain unse mujhe poora satisfaction milta hai per kabhi-kabhi taste bhi change kar lena chahiye, hai na nanad rani? and she agreed with me fully saying roz ghar ka khana tau khate hi ahi per kabhi-kabhi hotel mein bhi kha lena chahiye am i right or not i understood that was all game for it.she also confirmed it saying that ohhh.....since such along time i wanted to have bhaiya's cock in my cunt and amit knew about it from the dear bhabhi plaese request bhaiya to fuck me with his mighty lund.u will also enjoy it with amit ,u know his lund is 8"long and reaches upto the womb.

 How did it feel when he was rubbing his lund on ur gand did like it plz tell me the truth bhabhi. I had to confess in front of her that it was immenseely pleasuring to have such abig lund upon ur ass.And i promised her to request to u about this idea of amit. So what u say NOW in VICKY"S WORDS I was thrilled to the core by listening amit's idea of swapping ,bcos deep within my heart i wanted to fuck tthat little slut sis of mine but couldnot dare to open up for fear of cvonsequences in wake of her disapproval. I told my wife that i am ready to acceptthe proposal but let us now start CHODAM-PATTI as I am horny like hell .I started pressing her boobs and asked her"us bhadve amit ne bhi aise hi dabaye the kya tere ball bol meri rand aaj to tune kahani suna ke mere lund mai aag laga di hai aaj to main teri choot ke sath teri gand bhi maroonga. my wife said loudly"aaj jitna tere ko chodna hai chod le kal to main us amit ke lund se maje loongi hai uska lund kitna bada hai,kajal ko to roj hi maja deta hoga.haiiiiiii aahhhhhhaaa amit mere rajaaa ajaaa kal tujhe mai jee bhar kar apni choot chodne ko dongi hai kya lund he tera ahhhhhhhhaaa".I got angry at this and pulling her hairs i said"sali randi roj to mera lund khati hai usme kya tere ko maja nahi aata hai"my wife screaming with pain said

"ohhhh noooo tumhara lund to amit se jyada mota hai yeh to main tumhe josh dilane ke liye boli thi .tum to bahut achhi tarah se mujhe chodte ho aur roj meri choot ka pani 2-3 bar nikalte ho.

 Kal tum ko bhi to apni behan ki choot chodne ko milegi uske mamme dabane ko milenge aur uski badi-badi gand main apna lund dal kar tum uski gand aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaa.hai tumhari behan kaise gand hila-hila ker chalti hai lagta hai uski choot main bhi bahoot khoojli hai. kal tum jee bhar kar uski choot ko chodna.aaahhhhhhoohhh mere rajaaa tumhare lund se mujhe bahut maja aa raha hai hai aaj to meri choot ka BHOSDA ho gaya,hai thode aur dhakke maro ahhhhhhaaaa,mera to bus ab pani niklne hi wala hai plzzzzzzz aur jor seeeeee. I was reaching my peak and started yelling ahhhhhhha meri chickni aaj to tujhe chod ke maja aa gaya hai kya teri choot hai,kya tere mamme ha kal to woh sala amit bhi tere se maja lega hai mera bhi bas ab pani niklnewala ha le aur dhakke kha aaaaahhhhhhaaa maja aa raha ha ki nahi, ohhhhhhh.. iam cummming ahhhhh.with that i started shooting my load into her hot pussy.aaaha le mera pani nikal raha hai aaaaaaaahhhhhhhaa. So dear friends with this I end up my this letter here and promise u that i will be back very soon to tell u what happened when I,rajani,my sis kajal and her chodu husband amit assembled together for anight long orgy.And belive me it will be much more interesting than this one.untill then keep waiting for the second part of my story. regads, vicky. any one living in hyderabad(india)want to have sex pls mail me at this address