Satisfying Neighbors Wish

Hi. hello to all sexcrazy boys and girls. My name is philip i am an 23year old guy.currently living in hyderabad. i usually read all the stories on this site so iam writing my story. Any girls or aunties who want to help me by telling their experience or advice can also contact me at the above addresss. My story begins here. this happened when i was 21. we used to live in southern most part of india .we had good neighbours all around us .one of them was anita aunty. She was 35 year old.a beautiful housewife .her husband was working in saudi arabia as acomputer engineer,who used to come every 2 years.she had two children an elder girl (12)who was studying in school and a small baby boy. Let me tell about her..she looked like one of our southern actress.she was fair with massive two boobs.her face was very clear with no marks or anything.and she had two damn well shaped ass.i kept fantasising about her.when i used to mastuberate.thinking of her.we were neighbours for about five years. Now about me .

I was sixteen year old boy. studying in 10th standard . i am dark looking having a nice body and an ever hard cock.i came to this sex world with the help of my friends who would give me some porn books and magazines.and thanks to the cable guy who used to play late night sex movies. We had a great friendship we talked about anything but not about sex.i used to go with her to shop and a couple of time to movies.i had once seen her boobs while giving milk to her baby.i was stunned to see her massive melons sized boobs.and kept looking at her melons. i saw her noticing and went away. She use to give me sometimes those sexy looks and smile .she usually use to hug me and i would just press her hard against me. so that i can feel tose boobs against me. but i never got any courage to do anything to her. Then my luck came one day.the day that changed everything .one day her daughter had gone to her brothers house. As we were good neighbours , she told my mom to let me stay with her. mom agreed.i was waiting to go to her.i reached their home by 8pm. as i reached there she gave me a hug and i saw hwer in a sexy night gown and my dick started growing .i quickly sperated from her before she could notice my bulge. Then we ate our dinner. and she went to sleep with her babyto her bedroom. I was watching tv as it was saturday night and the cable guy used to put some porn on the channel. As i was sleeping in the hall there was no doorsso i kept the volume low and began to watch the movie. 

There was the scene of two blondes sucking a man s dick ,i pulled my boxers down and began to jack off, thinking of auntie sucking me. I ejaculated with a loud cry.i looked to see if any one was there. then there was another scene in which one guy was sucking a girls pussy.this made my cock hard again. I closed my eyes and took my cock and started again. i was jacking slowly thinking that i was sucking my aunties pussy. suddenly i felt like A hand on my back . i jumped and opened my eye.i saw my auntie loking at me. i was most embaressed. i began to beg to Aunty to not to tell to my mother. she just sat beside me.i put my boxers back but my bulge was still there like a tents pole She then came near me and said"what r u doing"i said "nothing" she smiled and said"do u like the movie" i was still afraid that she might tell my mother but also was horny. She again asked me "do u want to do this.".i knew this was green signal. but didnt had the courage. She came closer and took my hand and put it on her boobs . oohhhh those were like melons. this send a current throgh my body . and with my all courge i felt it. Oooooohhhhh what a feeling was it. i gathered some more courage and started kissing her lips.we kissed for several minutes. Her tounge was very sweet.then she told me"lets go to my bedroom". We went to the bed room . as soon as i reached there i tore her blouse and bra and threw away her sari .she was all nude.i began to suck her nipples"oohhhhh" .her milk came into my mouth. she began to moan.i stared rubbing my fingers on her breast. milk was oozing out of it.the sensation caused her to arch her back,pushing her body upwards.i moved upto her other nipple now and teasing it between my fingers ,i moved my other hand to the inside of her smooth and fair thigh near to me and started rubbing my finger in circular motions. "Uuuugghh!" was all auntie could say in reply to me. I work her nipple with my fingers, the pleasure was intense, she was getting very excited now, the thought of me doing this to her made her pussy juices flow.

 I moved my hand further up her thigh, my fingers coming into contact with her black, wiry bush, I traced my fingers round the edge, feeling the heat coming from between her legs. I bent over my auntie naked, sexy body and licked her left nipple with my tongue, while still teasing her boobs with my fingers. "suck me suck me " auntie screamed, my wet tongue running over her sensitive nipple. had she ever felt this horny before? She didn't think so, her pussy was dribbling with anticipation eager for me to fill her with my massive cock and to fuck her wildly. But she said a dissapointing thing that i cant fuck her. because she had no protection. i was not so dissapointed because i like sucking more. i just love a girls pussy.I started hungrily sucking them like a man possessed and she was moaning, and she removed all my clothes. I told her to suck my cock. So I lay her down on the bed and we were in the 69 position. She was a damn good sucker ,sucking my cock like anything . i was in heaven.and I started licked her cunt. those pink clotiris were like springs about to burst. she started making all kind of sexy noises and starded using abusive language.this made me more horny .she started breathing heavily .she stopped sucking my cock. i knew she was coming ."suck harder ,suckharder "she cried .her cunt juices started flowing like a river .. i drank it all and drank and drank.ooh how sweet it was. i just love girls juices. my face was filled with her cum .she took some of her cum and rubbed it on her nipples and asked me to suck it . i happily did it. and i bit her nipples. this made her to arch her body.she was very horny by now .she got up and started sucking my cock. what a feeling it is . 

Her hot lips on my cock ooohhhh.she started slowly and was playing with my balls. she would go to the bottom of my cock. she started to increase her speed. she was sucking me like a machine .i got some movement in my brain. it traveled to all part of my body and i began to feel that wave through my body.she was sucking like hell.ifelt she would rip off my cock. i ejaculated and my cum went into her mouth.she countinued sucking until the last dropand smiled at me . i took her mouth and we kissed again.i could taste my coum on her lips.her juices began to drip and stared leaking like pipe . i took some of her cum in my hands and applied to her ass hole. i began to finger her ass . put my middle finger in it it went easily,the i put another finger it also went easily. i also put one finger in her pussy simontaneously.and began stroking both at a time she began to moan again. she cried faster and faster i began to stroke faster.after she came in aanother big orgasm and cummed a lot. she said she has never cummed this much ever in her life .i told her not to tell my mom she kised me and said as long u r satisfying me why would i tell it to anyone. She started french kissing me .our tounges were exploring each others mouth.i broke the kiss and cocentrated on her boobs.i began to drink her tasty milk.i had an urge to piss. so i stared to get up. she asked where r u going ?. i told her that i want to go to toilet she said for what? .i said to piss . she smiled and said why go to toilet when i am here . i was suprised to hear from her so i said "what?".she said piss in my mouth.and started to take my cock in her mouth.i stared to take my cock back when she suddenly started sucking.i let the piss in her mouth .she started drinking it like some holy water. she drank it full without wasting a single drop.i just couldnt believe it.she got up and and pushed me onto bed.i fell on my stomach she sat on my legs and pulled apart my ass cheecks she took and pushed it into my ass hole.i didnt get in .she put some saliva on her fingers and did it again .

With less pain it went in .she stated rubbing me.she spit on my asshole and inserted another finger.that was too much for me. i began to shout. "u fucker leave me" she was not listening she kept on doing .after some time my pain went away. i kept quiet. she removed her fingers and megan to lick my asshole.what a sensation it was ! a hot tounge licking my now hot asshole.she then again spread my asscheacks and squeezed her boobs.i felt cold milk entering and filling my ass.she stood up and laid beside me smiling . did u like that . i said verymuch my daarling.she came closer and began to kiss me. I told her that i want fuck her in her ass . she said "not now my sweetheart.not today.u can fuck every single hole i have but not today.i will teach u more but afterwards .look its 4 o clock . lets sleep. She kissed me good night.and we slept there itself naked in each others arms.that was the most remarkable day in my life. i didnt knew when i slept .i woke when i found anita sucking my cock. i stared wearing my clothes.then she said wont u give ur dear anita ur sweet morning piss ? i kissed and said surely . and gave her my sweet morning piss. she drank it all.and said dont be late tonight.i will be waiting!!! I went home as happy as never before. because it was the starting day for some of the biggest fantasies of my life.but it didnt last long as i thought because we shifted to hyderabad. Any aunties ,mummies,bhabies and girlsliving in hyderabad. who wanna have sex with me .please contact me at pleasure and complete secrecy is guarenteed.