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 Hi! All!! This is a really HORNY BOY from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a very big fan on this site. I have read all the stories. But I don’t have any story of myself to share with you people. Because in the age of 20, I am still a virgin guy. But I am receiving so many mails regarding my past stories and I am requested to do more. So I am continuing my fantasies for my fans and friends. Today I am sending my fantasy about the beautiful and sexy Indian Film Actress URMILA MATONDKER... I am a basketball player. Its not only my profession. But also my hobby. That’s why I practice more than my team mates. One day I went to the national basketball court. I had a match of national level coming up three days later. That was the reason I had the permission to use that court. 

I went very early. None was there. I began practicing myself. After about one hour, I began to hear the sound of another ball. Then I saw her, shooting hoops by herself at another basket. I could see her back only, as she was using the basket opposite to me. That girl was wearing a tight blouse and a mini skirt. She looked to be fifteen or sixteen years old with longer than shoulder length hair, average height, perhaps a little baby fat. But her legs were nicely shaped. She had a perfect body. But the things that were attracting me the most were her beautiful rounded hip and her more than average creamy soft complexion. The beautiful curves of her body and that mind-blowing complexion of her gave me an instant erection inside my shorts. I was dying to see how beautiful that face would be who possess such a body like a goddess. 

Finally at one time, between my practice, I got water from the fountain and went to her, pretending to know the time. “What time it is”, I asked her, standing behind her. She turned to me, waving her beautiful hair and answered, "6:40." "Th… tha.. Thanks", my voice trembled, as I had just found out that the girl was not a 16 years old teenager, but a lady. Not an ordinary lady. It was the famous movie star URMILA MATONDKAR – my dream, my fantasy! I was speechless. She seemed to enjoy my condition. At that point, she broke the silence, "I like basketball very much. I am practicing for quite a while. But couldn’t make one single basket. Would you teach me how to shoot?" “Most certainly.”, I answered, “By the way, I'm BHG." She looked at me with her killing eyes, "Do I need an introduction to you?", there was a mysterious smile on her lips. “No”, my voice trembled once again, "Glad to meet you, Urmila Ji." She smiled, prettily. That gave me courage. I told, “I have always been a very big fan of yours. Always wanted to meet you face to face. But never think of meeting such a way, in such a place.” We both smiled. She asked me naughtily, “So, what do you think of me now?” "You're more cute than we see in the movie.”, she was a little embarrassed with my answer. 

But she smiled and held my hand. She shook my hand and said, “We are friends from now.” After a few seconds of silence, she told me again, "But I think you're pretty hunky, too" she smiled and gazed at me in a naughty look. After this exchange, silence again reigned. But she began to sneak peeks at me; I saw with my fine peripheral vision. I began to teach her how to hold the ball and measure the distance. But we began to miss almost all the shots as the eyes weren't always on the basket. I was gazing at the body that I always fantasized to fucking. Also I was thinking of how to hide the big throbbing erection of mine. She was also looking at me, specially the erection that her curves caused. Finally the point was reached. None of us could hold on for more time. She came to me and suddenly grabbed my hard on with her right hand. It gave me an electric shock. She liked the way it started to throb violently in her palm. I was still in a shock. She kissed me on the cheek and pulled me by my erect dick. "Follow me", she ordered me. I obeyed. We went out of the basketball ground and approached towards her car. She started driving. "Do you mind if we go to my house?", she asked. "What?! Your house?", I was surprised and at the same time delighted. "Yes honey, I want to explore you." , she spoke in a very horny voice. That was the time I was getting normal. By now I knew it was not a dream. Finally I was approaching the moment, when I will finally have my biggest dream come true. Finally I was with Urmila and was getting her. I had only dreamt of it. But never thought that it would happen in such a way. We reached her bunglow. She led the way into the living room and sat on the bed. I looked at her a moment, a goddess of beauty. She looked like an innocent teenager girl. 

The owner of a perfect tight body. She put her creamy soft arms around my neck. "Well, do you want to start?", she asked. With that, she bid me to sit next to her. As soon as I sat, she promptly lifted her legs off the floor, swung them over my body and scooted her butt up to my leg. I gently pulled her face to mine and she wrapped her arms around my neck with more pressure. We stared at each other for a few beats and then started exploring each others' mouths. Her soft juicy lips were so hot! I just couldn’t get enough of her and was going on kissing and kissing. With one hand, I ruffled her beautiful mane and with my other hand I slowly stroked her smooth legs. Suddenly she was licking my lips with her tongue. I snaked my tongue out to intercept hers. They sword fought playfully awhile before I quickly withdrew and started to lave her neck. Suddenly I felt my rod pulse and looked to see Urmila with her hand feeling my member through my shorts. She took my hands and began to kiss them. She ran my fingers over her face and neck, then on down to her bust. I began to rub the sides of her breasts through the fabric of her shirt and bra. She arched her back a little, seeming to enjoy my caresses. I took a chance and began to unbutton her blouse, my fingers trembling intensely. She grabbed my hands and pushed them down to my chest. She continued to unbutton her blouse for me. When she finished, she pulled the rest of the blouse out of her mini and then pulled the top off altogether. She was wearing a frosted white-lace bra, which pleasantly exposed the upper parts of her breasts. I gently reached up with my hand and began to trace a line from her cheek, down her chin and her neck, then down her bra strap, over the edge of her bra cup, and finally to the point where her cups met. 

I then slowly spread mine hand out over her left breast and began to massage it softly through the lacy white cloth of her underwear. Urmila moaned softly as I began to stroke her nipple to erection. Then I began to cup her other breast with my other hand. Urmila sat up, rubbing her crotch harder against my erection, which was now firm in my pants. My hands were stretched out over both of her breasts. I tried lifting up on the bottom of her bra, in an attempt to pull it up. She reached around, behind her back, and unhooked it for me, then let it fall away in my hands. I dropped the bra somewhere on the floor as I looked at her full, soft breasts. The breasts were so perfect! They had not a single mark, no shag at all. Just two perfect hemispheres. Creamy white, unblemished, and firm, with perfect erect nipples. I couldn’t take my eyes off the most perfect boobs in the world. She had beautiful pink areolas that lifted from her breast tissue and also framed firm nipples, which were already erect. I bent to kiss her nipples but she met me halfway and began to pull off my shirt. I allowed her to do this and stood over her. "What comes next?" I quizzed, conspiratorially. "Oh, I don't know," she coyly said as she reclined back on the bed. Unfortunately her actions belied her words. Urmila bent over a little, her beautiful breasts wavering only inches from my mouth. I instinctively licked my lips, then placed my mouth softly over her right nipple and areola. The HOT CELEBRITY gasped lightly as I took it into my mouth. 

She placed her hand on the back of my head, holding my mouth against her bosom. Meanwhile, she continued to rub her crotch against the bulge in my pants. I knew she had to be so excited that she was getting very wet between her legs; her clitoris swollen from rubbing against my erection. As I suckled liked an infant, my right hand moved slowly from her other breast toward her mini. I moved it gently over the soft bulge between her legs. I pressed a little harder, which solicited a gasp from Urmila's mouth, then I pulled my hand back and slid it into her mini, but over the silky softness of her panties. I could feel the soft hairless mound of her underneath, begging to be touched, and the heavy wetness of her excitement. I stroked her for many minutes, at the same time switching my mouth back and forth between her breasts. Finally, I pulled my hand back and slid it into her underwear. Her mound was slippery wet against my fingers. "Oh God." she moaned in a whisper, "Please...BHG! More! Morrrrrreee." She slowly began to lie back with legs slightly apart and knees up, arching her buttocks off the bed. I kissed her stomach and deliberately slid the mini down her lower body. As I reached her knees, she went with the game. The further I got the skirt down her body, the more she slid her feet down to match my motion. When the skirt had reached her ankles, she lifted her legs straight out and allowed me to pull them off. I entered one hand again inside her panty and began to caress the outline of her lips, stroking the outside of her labia until they blossomed. I worked my fingers slowly back and forth into her vagina, each time penetrating deeper. 

I did this for several minutes, feeling the smoothness of her vaginal wall and listening to her moan about my attentions to her genitals. She began to lightly grind herself against my hand and body. "Uhhn...ohhhh.”, she began screaming. As she reached for the panties, I stopped her and placed her hands at her sides. Without a further word I lowered my head to an erect tit and sucked it into my mouth. She reacted with a low guttural sound. I played with each nipple this way, arousing her. Soon she lifted her head and forced her face to mine. I then found another diversion to slow down; namely fumbling with her head. I reached around her head and ever so gently removed the barrette from her hair, allowing the long black tresses to spill forth over her shoulders and neck. When this was completed, Urmila led my head back to hers and pressed her lips firmly to my and exclaimed, "Keep going; it's so nice!" I kissed her one last time and tenderly placed her head back on the bed, resuming the sucking and kissing of her breasts and nipples. I took a nipple in my mouth and made circles around it, and soon she again was emitting a low growl. As I moved my lips downward to her stomach, I was aware that she had a finger between her legs and was massaging her vagina underneath her panties. I withdrew her hand and licked a finger, examining for juices. There was a lot of juice. I place a finger on each side of her hips and pulled the stringy panty, her last piece of clothing, off her body. She cooed at me as she lay with her head resting on her arm and her knees apart slightly with her legs together. I decided to pull back and admire her body. She was very beautiful down there, with her tender, well-formed labia. I could also see her inner labia, having opened from the gently caressing my fingers had given her. I watched as she slid her third and fourth fingers down over her mound and pulled them back up between her lips. 

She was looking down at herself, moaning softly. As her wet fingers moved around her clitoris, she looked back up at me, closing her eyes in pleasure. Pleasure that she wanted me to give her. From this angle, I could see her dimunitive vaginal lips, which were bright pink and had no hair covering them. I stroked her hair and then went to kneel at her feet. Slowly I kissed her feet and ankles. She giggled with girlish impishness. Purposefully I stroked and massaged her legs and creeped up her smooth thighs and gently spread them as I did so. Kissing up one thigh I eventually landed at her young entrance, which was small and beautifully pristine. I moved up slowly and nuzzled her breasts for a while before continuing my downward journey. As I got closer to her mound, she began to feel hot and prickly. My mouth slipped past her navel and began to kiss the top part of her soft, brown pubic triangle. She spread her legs slowly as my mouth moved down over her wet mound of Venus. The tip of my tongue slid down partway into the cleft of her labia at the top. She shuddered as it darted around her clitoris. I wrapped my arms under and then over her thighs, which helped her hold her legs apart. I slid my tongue down all the way to her inner labia, then gently into her vagina. 

My lips came to press fully against her genitals, my tongue at least two inches inside of her. Urmila was slowly rolling her hips and ass, as well as arching her back and head, as she moaned my name softly. I didn't make any sudden or deliberate movements; nothing to disturb the gentleness with which I was giving her pleasure. As Urmila ran her fingers over my head, holding it between her legs, I pulled a hand back and slid one finger deep into her vagina. I pulled it out a few seconds later and slowly, but in time to my licking, began to move that finger back and forth into her anus. Urmila felt electricity shoot up her spine as I touched this forbidden part of her anatomy. After a short time, my finger was all the way up inside her rectum, moving in time to the massaging movements of my tonuge and mouth on her genitals. I did this all slowly and gently over several minutes but, nevertheless, she felt the pressure of orgasm building within her loins. Slowly she rocked her hips, keeping her actions as tender as possible. It was building...building...BUILDING!! "Oh, oh, please..." She cried, softly. "Oh, oh, yes..." She fell into a short sleep. While she rested I removed my shirt, then lay back and pulled her bare breasts gently against me. She kissed me again and again, but then rested again. We lay together, letting our passions cool. She had her head on my chest and was gently stroking my erection through my pants. Over the course of the next hour, interspersed with kisses and the gentle suckling of my nipples, she unbuttoned my slacks and slid down the zipper. She seemed to be getting her energy back, so I lifted my hips and she pulled my pants off. 

The very noticeable bulge in my underwear excited her. She rubbed the cotton cloth of my briefs for a few minutes before she reached her fingers under the elastic and pulled them down past my feet, then tossed them onto our clothes pile. She looked back to my groin, staring at my fully erect phallus. Urmila lay beside me. I began to suckle her breast as she wrapped her hand around the length of my penis and started to stroke it back and forth. She pulled her breast away from my mouth as she moved hers down, kissing my chest, then on toward my erection. When she arrived I felt her begin to stroke my pubic hair with her fingers. Then I felt them on my testicles. Her tongue gently flicked my scrotum just before she planted several kisses on my penis. I watched as she kissed slowly up the underside of the shaft of my organ. Suddenly, but gently she took it into her mouth. I felt such a warmth surround the head of my phallus that I almost ejaculated immediately, but I was able to manage a little bit of control. Then she stopped sucking me and wrapped her hand around the base of my penis, squeezing lightly. My head became swollen and this time she took it all the way into her throat. "Uh...ohhh, Urmila...ohhhh. Honey...ohhh...that feels so wonderful.", I moaned softly to her. She craved this tender attention. She moved her mouth up and down on my erection. Then she began to quicken the pace, but not enough to disrupt our promise of gentle lovemaking. I was tightening my hip, buttock, and thigh muscles as she sucked on me.

My breathing was becoming more rapid. I felt the whole world begin to dissolve. "Urmiiiiii...I'm...I'm going to...oh!", I called tenderly. It was too late, I began to come. My hips and thighs shook as the semen rose in my genitals and my prostate gland tightened. I felt a flood of warmth rise in my testicles and penis. Then I was throbbing. Urmila let my organ slip out of her mouth as the first wave came...a hot white gush of sperm ejaculated onto her cheek before she could get it back in her mouth, then she began sucking deeply. Five more bursts squirted from my erection before my supply was depleted, though it continued to throb several more times. She swallowed all that came into her mouth, ignorant of everything but the passion my climax made her feel. "Oh Urmila..." I sighed. She climbed up, wrapping herself around me, and caressed me, stroking my face. She placed several tender kisses on my face, occasionally on my nose, then pressed her soft juicy lips against my mouth. Her breasts were firm against my chest and I could feel their intense heat flowing through my body. My right arm was around her shoulders and my hand was holding her head as we kissed. My other arm was down around her waist, with my hand gently caressing the valley between her buttocks. 

She moaned as I stroked down around her anus and pushed my tongue back into her mouth. I could feel her mound rubbing against the tip of my penis as we continued to press against each other. I could have just nudged her on her back and...oh God, I just wanted to slide right inside her. She finally broke the kiss and I rolled onto my back. She lay her head on my chest and I pulled the comforter out from behind me, throwing it over our bodies. As we drifted off I swore I heard her say, "I knew you were someone special." I turned her around and slipped my arms around her from behind. I held Urmila just below her breasts and her arms wrapped over mine. I kissed her on the nape of her neck. I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. She faced me, pressing her body against mine as we embraced. I could feel her breasts warming up against my chest and her abdomen rubbing against my flaccid penis. I looked into her beautiful eyes. "Urmila?" I asked, my voice rough. "Yes?" I paused, considering what I was about to ask her. "Do you want to make love with me? Am I really so lucky to have such a beautiful girl as my lover?" Her eyes flickered for a second. "Yes...", she whispered and pressed her lips softly against mine. We embraced again and kissed passionately for many minutes. My hand gently caressed her arm and moved over her back, down to her behind, around the front to her mound, and on up to her breasts. She turned slightly, still facing me, and pressed her body against me again. I placed my rampant penis at her moist opening and pushed slightly. The glans entered without much difficulty and immediately she clamped her muscles on it, to my surprise. "My finger," she smiled, anticipating my question. I probed my penis further, but no luck. Urmila, perhaps aware of the situation, began to rotate her hips, confining the tip of my penis in her possession. I, amused and admiring her effort, went with her game. 

Surprisingly she came and sent forth some more lubrication. Instinctively I thrusted forward. I could feel the head of my penis as it slipped down against her mound. Her legs moved apart slowly and my erection moved a little ways into her. Then we looked into each other's eyes and smiled. I began to slowly stroke back and forth, in and out of her tender channel. We began to kiss again, but this time Urmila reached down and started to stroke my penis. She guided it back toward her mound and I lightly pressed it into her as we lay on our sides. I could feel how warm and open she was. I nudged her and she rolled slowly onto her back with me riding her. I found her labia and my erection seemed to naturally slip into her vagina. Urmila spawled herself out as I slid my hands under and over her shoulders to hold more firmly onto her. I slowly pushed myself into her mound, stopping every so often to pull back and then thrust deeper into her again. Soon I was moving slowly but rythmically, back and forth inside of her. She could feel me pressing closer and closer to the cervix of her uterus. Her hips and buttocks began to move up against me. "Ohhhh....BHG.", she moaned in my ear, caressing my back with her hands.  "'re so wonderful.", I answered back. Our mouths were locked in a passionate kiss, her tongue darting in and around my mouth. My chest was pressing against her breasts, flattening them against her chest. 

The only space between our bodies was where I was slowly pulling back to thrust again into her mound with my erect phallus. The longer we made love, the closer I got to touching her cervix, I was so incredibly deep inside her. I could experience all the pleasures of our intimacy. She continued to roll her hips slowly against me whenever I would thrust into her. Finally, one time, I struck her cervix lightly and she gasped in pleasure. She felt another powerful orgasm coming on... I tried to imagine what the scene must look from behind. My testicles hitting the lower part of her mound as I would thrust in. When I would pull out, my penis would be wet as it extended away from my scrotum into her genitals. Below our passionate sexual embrace, her anus would be glistening with the dripping moisture of her mound. Above it, my perineum would blend away into my anus, partly shielded by my quivering buttocks. The thrusting of our intercourse making them shake with the passion of my thrusts. Our moment was building... Urmila was about to achieve her plateau. Her pelvis screamed for release as I was hitting her cervix frequently. Her legs wrapped tightly around me and she began to squeeze my body with them, rolling her hips and buttocks up against me. "Oh, God!", she cried as quietly as possible, "Honey! Honey! Oh please...yes...ohhhh." I could feel her vagina begin contracting around my penis. 

Her tightening body and passionate words made me need to thrust only a few more times. "Oh, Urmila...Urmila!" Again, hoarse whispers of passion as I reached my second orgasm of the night. Hot semen gushed from the tip of my ureathra. I felt pulse after pulse racing through my loins as the liquid left my body. "BHG...oh, BHG...I love you.", she moaned. I continued thrusting as the last few drops of my passion spurted into her womb. I then slowly lay myself against her, where I held her in a long, deep kiss. I don't remember how long I lay inside her -- a couple of minutes, maybe -- then I withdrew my penis from her mound and lay gently at her side. I was exhausted and Urmila wfas laying her head against my chest. I ran my fingers through her hair, over her forehead, and down to her cheek. She took my hand and kissed it, then I tilted my head up and kissed the top of her head. "I love you too, Urmila. I am fantasizing about you right from RANGEELA", I said and lay my head back.