Fucking at Baroda

 Hi! Friends this is gujjujolly once again from Surat the silk City of India. My eamil Id is gujjujolly@yahoo.com please give me your suggestion at my eamil address. Any aunty,Salis,housewife, girls around Surat and in gujarat can contact me for healty relationship. The relation will be considerd strictly confidential. 

This time I am sharing my latest experience happened at my friend's place In Baroda (Vadodara). As I was on a business trip and I have lots of work to do so I stayed at my friend's place. My friend is a computer professional working in a MNC company. They are four members in their family. The uncle, aunty, my friend (Nilesh) & her sister (Renuka). As uncle & aunty both of them are also woriking they live the house at around 10:00 in the morning and came back at 6:00 to 7:00 pm. My friend is also working so he will be back at around 8:00. This is the incidence happend with me & Renuka. On first day all things went very smoothly.

 We had our dinner to gather and then watch TV and things like that. But on the second day in the morning I was setting on the computer and checking my mail accounts. After completion of the mails and other things I switch off the computer and went to my work I came back at 2:00 pm in the after noon. At that time Renuka was sitting on the computer. She opended the door and gave me a glass of water to drink. I was watching TV and taking my lunch. Renuka was busy with the computer. After 15 minutes she called me as gujjujolly I was surprised to hear this name from Renuka. How come she know that I am gujjujolly. As you all know that this is my fake name. 

But how come she know that the person writing sex story on different sites is me only... I was so surprise to hear that and I was like a man without any movements. I went to the study room where she was setting. She was smiling like a wild cat. I told her that why you are calling me with this name. She told me that I have a Net activity cheker software installed on my computer. So after you left for your work I was working and analysing what you were doing on my computer and with the net. She aslo told me that she is very fond of reading erotic stories and she had already read my story on desibaba.com, indianpassion.com and desipapa.com but she was not aware of the fact that the person gujjujolly is me only. 

Renuka "Hay gujjujolly mai bhi bahut hot hu kabhi hame bhi apni pyas bhuza ne ka mauka do... main ne thumhari har kahani padhi hai aur main ne kai bar socha bhi ke main tumhe maile ker ke tumhare sath dosti kar loo per ek bhartiya nari ho ne ki vajah se main ye kadam nahi udha payi. Muze kya pata tha ke takdir main ek din milna likha hai to milenge hi." I told her that "ya but how come you know all this details and what about my relation with Nilesh" Renuka says "hai tum bhi kamal ke aadmi ho itni ladki yo ko chdne ke bad bhi mare bhai se darte ho. jab se main ne internet pe ye sab phadhna suru kiya hai tab se le ker ke aaj tak main ne kisi ke sath kuch bhi nahi kiya hai.. main apne aap se khel ker hi indagi ka mazza le le ti thi but aaj jab tum muze mile ho to main ye mauka hath se chodna nahi chahati hu..aaj jo bhi ho ga dekha jaye ga main apni chut ki pays bhzaye bina tumhe yaha se jane nahi dungi." While talking this her nipple was very erect and her voice was very erotic and appeling. I was aslo very hot by this time. Let me describe Renuka first. Renuka is 5 feet 4 Inches in height near about 50 Kg in weight and not very fair or not very dark (medium). But her best part is her boob as eys. She got boobs of 34 size and very invting blue eyes. She is a science third year B.Sc. student. 

She is a typical gujarati girl wearing punjabi suit or the long nighty in the house and not wearing any skirt nor a short top not that. On that day she was wearing that long Nighty with long slip inside it. Through that I can't see the colour of her bra & panty. But in short she was an average girl with lots of desire towards sex. Now I was in a delima that what to do with this girl she knows about all my incidance and she is very much sure about the things going to happend next. I have no words in my mouth. I was in a very bad condition, after all she was my friend's sis and I can not do such things with her. Then Renuka told me "hai what happend...are you alright ? what about my treet..." I went to the main room and closed the main door with latch and came back to the study room. she was still sitting there with same inviting eyes. "please aaj jo ho na hai ho ja ne do please main ye sex ka anubhav karna chahati hu please mare madad karo na kya ek bachhe ki tarah sharma rahe ho chalo hum bed room main jate hai aur maza karte hai.." I was now sure that in any case she will not forget. So I took her to the bedroom. I switch on the AC and then started kissing her starting from her fore head. Now I was kissing her like anything her hands, her face, her lips, her legs... not a single part left. Now I lifted her night gown from the bottom. She was all wet inside. I am exporing all inner part of her body with my both the hands. 

Now my hands are very near to her panty. On that day she was wearing white panty with floral print on it. With one stroke I pushed my index fingure inside her love hole. It was all wet inside and very hot also. She said "Ho mar dala re kya kiya tune gadhe chutiye aag lag rahi hai aur to usme petrol dal raha hai nikal oooo haaaa she was screaming like any thing... Now I took the charge and take all her cloths of stating from night gown to silp and then bra & panty. Her boob are as usual great with big and hard nipples. Now my entire focus is on her boobs, I am crushing her boobs with my bot the hands. Some times taking nipple in hand and crushing like any thing. She was hot now and she was on fire. Now I got up from the bed and removed all my cloths. My small brother is hard now with full in length. I put my lund in her mouth and she had taken it very willingly in her mouth. Now she was sucking my lund like a lolypop and I called it as lodypop. 

Now we are in 69 position with both her cuntlips on my face and I am exploring her cunt, finguring her and licking her cunt juice. She said "Benchod tune to aaj meri tammanna puri kar di Hay kya maza aa ra ha hai main to jo maza le rahi hu is ko mai byan bhi nahi kar sakti chato meri choot ko chato piyo mera pura pani pi jao muze ragad ragad kar chodo aaj to is choot ka bhosda bana do aaaa iiiii oooochhh our zor se dalo pura hath ander dal do phad do is choot ko nikal do is ka pani buza do is pyasi ki pyas do bhahut tadpi hai ye sali ab aur mat tadpao dal do apna lund is choot main aur de do muze chudai ka maza please ab aur mat tadpao dal bhi do phad do is choot ko please.... Now its time for the action. I make her sleep on the bed and I went between her legs and put her both the legs on my shoulder. I bought some cream apllied it on my lund as well as on her chut. Now I put my sopara on her love hole and applied some preasure but the hole is very small. With some more preasure I managed to insert 3" of my lund inside her cunt. She said "oooo nikal isko tune to meri choot ko phad diya nikal bhaher isko. bahut dard ho raha hai.. sub kuch toot gaya ho aisa lag ra ha hai main ne ye sab karne ke liye nahi kaha tha nikal apna lund tu to ekdam chutiya hai itna bada mare me dale ga to kis tatah jayega nikal chutiye nikal h....ooooo....occh...main to mar rahi hu.." I was not in a position to listen her words I was busy makeing her hole wider and wider. I apllied more presure I finally I was full inside she was crying like any thing now the love machine strats. I have started giving normal strokes. Now we are both on fire. Now she enjoys the fucking part. 

She was moaning like anything. She was talking rubbish and nasty things with lots of dirty words. After 15 mintues we completed our mission I was about to explode. I take my lund out from her choot and expolde on her belly with full preasure. My milk was on her breats and some drops on her face also. We slept for some time. I got up first she was there with my milk on her body. I cleaned her with napkin and stared the second round this. In this round my focus was on her ass. I managed to fuck her in ass also on that day. 

Now my visits to Baroda are very frequent and she loves the way we enjoyed the life. Even we had spend one night on highway in the car and we had a long fucking session in the car on highway. this is another story I will let you know some other time. Any comments on this story are welcomed. Fell free to ask any question. My eamil address is gujjujolly@yahoo.com. Any aunty,Salis,housewife, girls around Surat and in gujarat can contact me for healty relationship. The relation will be considerd strickly confidencial. Buy all and take care of you and your organs....