Pussy Fever

Hi every body, first off all I  will introduce my self I am Vamsi Muddula doing my 1st year graduation and,This is a story which I read in an old telugu sex story book and sending to you all to read and enjoy this. If u like this story I translate more stories from telugu books and send to web mail me to: vmuddula@yahoo.com Coming to the story:  I am Uma aged about 24 residing in a village of Andhra and at the age of 20,  I married with Prabhu who is a  farmer and he is 27 at that time. Ours is a middle class family and my father is not  enough money to give dowry to  my marriage and with a lot of difficulty he settled this match.  I studied 10th and after that stopped studies, due to money problems, I am very horny since my 14th of age and put my fingers in my cunt and fucking with my fingers and long thick brinjals.  

My father is very strict and not allow me to go here and there, so there is no other go for me to satisfy my self.  My marriage is completed normally and I am waiting for my first night, I went to my in-laws house  and there it is a village and they have agricultural lands and a big old model tale house, the house is very big and having back yard with coconut trees and a small hut in that for cows.  My first night I except that my husband will fuck me hard and satisfy my desires, but just he completed it as normal course and sleep.  My life is getting bore and bore, I am getting fever to my pussy, what to do how to cool down my pussy fever and my husband is some times coming very late in night times, my father-in-law and mother-in-law are not at all taking care of him, he is involved in his political matters and sitting in Panchayat office most of the time and roaming with his friends. In our house there is a  servant maid   and she is coming early morning and doing all house hold works and helping me in cooking also, she is very dark and healthy lady  younger than me, she is around 19 years, she is coming by 6 a.m and attend to her works up to 11-00 a.m and goes her house very near by  coming to our house around 1-00, and her food and shelter up to night is in our house and she will go home by 9-00 p.m. 

 This is her routine work and I am observing her with my lust full looks, she is very use full to me I think and I am planning to seduce her.  As u know in villages these servant maids do lot of things to their owners, like body massage and all, she is very close to me and talk to me with laugh and doing her house hold works, when Saturday comes usually I will take head bath with soapnuts and  today I asked my maid to help me and she came into the bath room and there she arranged all hot water and oil and asked me to sit on the wooden stool, there I removed my blouse, sari and wear my petty cot on my shoulders and tie it loose, and sit on the stool, she asked me, amma shall I apply oil to you first and then I will give you bath, I said yes, she took oil in her hands and apply it to my hair and massage for some time and then slowly she apply oil on my shoulders and then to my back and she came in front of me and then she took oil again in her hands and applying to my legs and then she raised my petticoat up to my thighs and applying on my thighs, my body is shaking and I feel very hot passes through her hands into my body.

 I slowly opened my thighs and she applying oil on my inner thighs, my pussy is clearly visible to her and she asked me amma, whey don't u clean hairs on your pussy (puku meda ventrukalu endku teeseyyaledu) and I asked her did you clean your pussy(nee puku meda ventrukalu teesevaa) she laughed and said,( ammaa maaku veelu kaadu, eppudooo samayam untee adee evvaruuu chuudakundaa vuntee teestaamu), ammaa we have no privacy and time to shave  pussy, I again laughed and asked her to show her pussy and hairs on her pussy( neenu daane puku chuupetta mannaanu, puku meeda ventrukuluu entaa baaagaa unnaayooo ani), she is feeling shy and I took her hand pressed it smoothly and said look we both are ladies, so don't  feel shy, you looked my pussy(choodu manameddarm aadavaallamee kadaa nuvvu naaa puku chuudaledaaa mare) she wear langa, blouse, and vone(chunni), from that blouse her boobs, nipples are clearly visible to me and her nipples are hard and pointing from that blouse, she don't wear bra, I am pressing her hand smoothly( tanu langaa, jaagattu, vone vesukundee, daani sallu blouse looo poduchuku vastunnai, sannu muchikalu gatttigaa nikki chuustunnai) and asked her again, she raised her langaa above her stomach and asked me to look her pussy(adi tana langaa potta daakaa paike etti nannu daane puku chuuda mandi) I looked her pussy and put my palm on her pussy and pressed it smoothly and said(nenuu daane puku meeda naa cheyya petti paamutuuunaa) your pussy is nice and not more hair toooo,( nee puku sammagaa undee ventrukaluu kuudaa peddagaa levuu) and I pressed her clitoris smoothly and she is moaning, (ohhhh ammaagaaruu vaddu,) and I put my one finger in her pussy and licking it smoothly and she hold my hand and said, no ammaaa pleasee stop, I am feeling hot, and I stopped it and told her that your boobs are also big and hard( nenu daane pukuloonchi velu teesese annaanu neee sallu baagaa peddave, gattigaa unnai ani) she laughed and said your boobs are also bigger than my boobs ammaaa( adi andee ammaa mee sallu kuudaa naa sallu kannaaa peddavee),.

 I told her to apply oil on my stomach and ass cheeks and on my chest also, for that she asked me to remove my petticoat  and sit comfortable on the stool,  I removed my petticoat and stand necked in front of her and she looked my body and said ammaa you looks very beautiful, your boobs, and your belly, and naval ohhh very beautiful, (nenuu naa langaa veppi daane mundu nagnamgaa nelabaddaaa, ammaa mee sallu, meee potta, mee boddu ohhhh meeru chaalaa andamgaa unnaruu) she took oil in her hand and applying on my boobs and massaging them smoothly and I asked her to press my nipples, my nipples are getting hard and she is pressing my boobs with her hands smoothly and her hands are twisting my boobs and I am in heat, my pussy is itching with pain, while she is massaging  my boobs, I put my hand on her left boob and pressed it smoothly, and she laughed(nenu daaanne naaa ollu antaa nuune raasi patta manna, tanu nune teesukunee naa sallu meeda mardhanaa chestuntee nenu naaa muchikalu kuudaa nalapa mannaaa, ohhhh naaa puku tooo okkateee duradagaaa undee, nenu daani edama sannu pattuku nokkenuu, tanu naveendee) I asked her to show me her boobs, she again laughed and said amma, I feel shy to do this( nenu daane sallu chuupetta mannaa, adi andii amma naaku siggugaa undee ani), I took her hand and keep her palm on my cheeks and said, we are ladies so don't feel shy, look you are looking my body and massaging all over my body, so I want to look your beautiful boobs( chuudavee nuvvu naaaa ollu antaa chustunnvaaa mare nenu nee andamina sallu chuustaanu antee siggu padataavee) she closed her eyes and I opened her chunni and put it on the side, and removing her blouse hooks, ohhh she has strong and hard boobs and her nipples are very small.

 I pressed her boobs with my hand and pinched her nipples with my fingers ohhhhh your boobs are hard and very beautiful, tell me one thing, any body pressed your boobs, tell me truth, I don't say it to any one, it is between us only( tanu kallu muusukundee nenu daane vone teese prakkana padesaaa, blouse hooks teese daani sallu meeda naa cheyya vesi pisekaaa, ohhhdaaane sallu chaalaa gattigaa unnaai, muchikalu chennavee, nenu naa vella tooo daaani muchikalu sammagaaa nalepee, daaani adegaa, nee sallu evarainaaa pisekeraaa, eppudainaaa, nijam cheppu, nenu evvarekii cheppanuu leee) She looked into my eyes with fear and said no ammaaa, no one had touched my boobs willfully, sometimes my self while taking bath, or in sleeping pressing my boobs, but while I am going to vegetable market, if there is rush in the market boys trying to press my boobs, and some times did the same, and some times boys pressing my ass cheeks also, and pressing their sulla on my ass,(ledu ammaa nenu kaavaaalani eppuduu naa sallu pesekenchukoo ledu, nenee stanam chesetappudu, neddaralooonu naa sallu pesukkuneedaane, okko saare kurala market looo magavallu, naa sallu pesakaane chuusevaaru, okkosaare pesekevaaru kuudaa, okkosaare naa pirralu pesekevaaaru, vaalla sulla naa pirralake petti nokeevaaru) Ohh so some male hands are also touched your boobs, and ass, ass cheeks, while they are doing such things, how do you feel, she said amma I feel very good and but if I agree for that they will take advantage and do more and more and it is not good for an unmarried girl, so I simply avoid them and complete my work i.e. buying vegetables and coming to our house. 

I asked her to remove her langa also and so that I will see her beautiful body and I immediately without giving her time loosen her knot and removed her langaa and kept it side, hooo she is really well built body, her belly, naval and pubic area, ohhh I pressed her belly and put my finger in her naval she is moaning, no ammaaa, pleasee,(nenu daane langaa kuudaa teeseyyamannaa, nenu daaneki samayam ivvakundaaa langaa bondu laagese langaa prakkana padesaa, ippudu adi nagnamgaa naa mundu undeee, ohhh daaane potta, boddu, pirralu bale unnai lanjaa balee gattigaaundee, nenu daane potta meeda naa cheyya vesi paamutuuu daane boddulooo velu petti aadenchaaa, ammaa vadddu naaku edoo laa unde andee) I told her to apply oil on my stomach and ass cheeks and she do it smoothly and she asked me to wear her dress, I said yes and she wear her dress and she gave me a good massage and bath too, I told her to take bath also and finish all works and she agreed. I came to my room and thinking about her ohhhhh at this time she is very helpful to me to control my pussy fever. I wear a low cut blouse, no bra and wear my sarry bellow my naval with out any petty cot.  She finished her bath and wear her cloths and came to me and I asked her to dry my hair with towel, she told me to sit on a chair, I told her no not here we will go to our bed room and she followed me, there I sit on the edge of my bed and opened my things wide and she get the towel and asked me amma if u sit on the wooden stool it is easy to me to dry ur hair, I said ok and she get the stool, I sit on the stool and she is brushing my hair and we are facing each other, our bodies are smelling good and  while she is brushing my hair I put my hands on her ass cheeks for support and she laughed and I said ur ass is strong and smooth,(nee pirralu bale nunnagaa unnayee) she laughed and said ammma I feel shy while you are talking like this, she is drying my hair with towel and this time I put my hands on her waist and pressed smoothly, she is not commented any thing and I asked her to massage my head, I feel some pain, she told me to lay on bed and I do it, I asked her to sit on the bed, she sit near to my chest and pressing my head with her two hands and it feels soooo good and I closed my eyes and moaning ummmmmm, haaaaaaaa, she asked me ammaaa what happened.

 I told her to massage my chest, she put her hand on my chest and pressing my left boob smoothly and then my right boob ohhh its lovely and I asked her to open my blouse and massage my chest,(nenu kallu muuskune mulugutuu naa chest mardhnaa cheyye anna tanu naa sallu nokkutuntee, blouse buttons teese nokkaveee anna) she opened my blouse and pressing my boobs and I slowly raised my sari above my thighs and put my finger in my cunt and licking my clitoris and I am moaning slowly ummmmm haaaaaaa, hoooooo neelaaa,(tanu naa sallu nokkutuntee nenu naa chira todala paike lepukune naa velu pukuloo pettuku aadenchukuntuu mulugutunnaa) she looked down and asked me amma what happened I asked her to press my thighs and ass, she come down and raised my sari upto my belly and pressing my leg and raised her hand up to thighs and slowly massaging my thighs, ohhhh what a nice feeling, her smooth hands are pressing my thighs and I am pressing my boobs and pinching my nipples, (tanu krinda ki chuse amma emete andee nenu naa todalu nokkavee anna tanu naaa chera potta paiki ette naa kaalu nemmadegaa naa toda nokkutonde nenu naa sallu pisukkuntuu naa muchekalu nalupukuntunnaaaa). 

She looked at me and I am in heaven and moaning ummmmmm, hoooooo and I asked her neela come to me, she came near to me and I asked her to lay by my side, she feel some inconvenience and I took her hands in my hands and pressing them smoothly and told her neela I am not feeling well, please, then she said ammaa no don't say like that I will do what ever u want,(nenu daane pelachee neela naa daggrake raa naa prakkana padukoo, adi endukoo bhayamgaa chustonde nenu daanu chetulu pattukunee nelaa naaku ontlo baago ledu please anna adi ammaa mee istam andi) and she lay on my bed and I turned towards her and put my hand on her cheeks and said neela you are looking very beautiful and I put my finger on her lips and slowly with my other hand I raised her langa above her thighs and I put my thigh on her thigh,(nenu nemmadegaa daane kese tiregee naa velu daane pedaala meeda raastuu nemmadegaa daane langaa todala paike lepe naa toda daane toda meeda vesaaa) ohhhhh what a lovely feeling our bodies are on heat and I kissed her cheeks and neck and slowly I put my hand on her boobs and pressing them smoothly, she is moaning ohhhhhhh ammmmaaa, ohhhh good,(nenu nemmadegaaa naa cheyya daane sallu meeda vesi nokkutunaa, naa cheyye daane puku meeda vese nemmadegaa raastunnaaa) slowly I put my hand on her pussy and pressing it smoothly and insert my finger into her pussy and licking it. Ohhhhh ammaaaa ohhhh haaaaaaaa, I turned her toward me and kissed her lips and asked her to open her mouth and she did it, I took her tongue into my mouth and sucking her tongue and she hugged me tight and we kissed each other and drink our saliva.(nenu daanne naa kesi tiraga mane daane pedaalu meeda muddu pettukunaa, daane noru terava mani naa naaluka daane noteloo petti muddu pettukune daane naaluka naa notelooke teesuku ne cheekutuuu daane engeli taagesaaa) Ohhhh ammmmmma its good and she again kissed me on my lips, now I lay on her and raised her langa and also raised my sari above my belly and now our thighs and pussies are touching each other and I kissed her lips and opened her blouse and sucking her nipples and in other side I am pressing my pussy on her pussy, ummmmmm, ohhhhhhh neelaaaa its good ,(nenu daane meeda padukune daane langaa purthigaa paike lepe naa sarikuudaa potta paike lepukunee daane meeda padukunaa, ohhh eppudu maa todalu pukulu okallaki okallu tagulukuneee sammagaaunde) she put her hands on my ass cheeks and pressing them to her pussy and from bottom she raised her ass and moaning ummmmm, hooooo, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, and I stood up and open my blouse and sary and asked her to remove her blose and langa she did it and now we are necked on bed.(tanu chetulu naa pirrala meeda vesi gattigaa tana puku kesi ruddukundee, krinda nunchi tana pirralu paiki paiki etti mulugutondeee, nenu naa batttalu purthigaa tesesaa daani kuudaa battalu teseyya mannaa, ippudu menu nagnamgaa manchem meeda padukunnam).

 I asked her to lay on me and press her body with me, she lay on my body and I open my thighs for free view and its easy to each other to play with our pussies. Ohhhh neela is now on me and I pressed her ass cheeks and she is sucking my boobs and nipples and I am pressing her ass cheeks with my hands and kissing her neck and bite on her neck, she is moaning and she is wet in her pussy, and moaning ammmmmaaaaaaaa, now again I asked her I will lay on her and fuck her, she turned on bed and I lay on her and pressing my boobs with her boobs and kissed her lips and took her tongue in my mouth and sucking it she is pressing my ass cheeks and our pussies are touching with each other and I pressed my pussy on her pussy hand and I put my finger in her pussy and licking her clitoris and she is moaning and ammmmmaaaaaa, ohhhhh do it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee, do it hard, I kissed her neck and took her boob in my mouth and bite on her nipple and twisting her nipple with my tongue and sucking that nipple, ohhhhh its heaven for us. Ohh amma fuck me pleasee fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee, I raised my speed and she cummed on my hand. Ohhhhhhhhh I asked her to go and get one brinjal she wear towel and went to kitchen and get one long and thick brinjal, and I asked her to sit between my thighs and insert that brinjal in my cunt and fuck me, she slowly insert that brinjal in my cunt and fucking with it, ohhhhhhhhh  I am pressing my booobs and pinching my nipples and neela is raised her speed and fucking me with brinjal, ohhhh neelaa fuck meeee harad ummmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhh fuck me harddddddddddddddd neelaaa yesss do it fast, fuck, fuck ur ammaaaaaaaaaaa, ummmmmmmmm, I cummed and we both are kissed and I stood up and we hugged tight and I kissed her lips and our bodies are touching each other and neela is pressing my ass and I am pressing her ass, our boobs are touching each other and neela said amma ur boobs are very big and she took one boob in her hand pressed it smoothly and I told her to wear dress and arrange lunch for me. She laughed and went to kitchen. So my dear readers wait for more and more fucking episodes with neela and her relative fucked me, and how we enjoy with others also. Your comments mail me to  : vmuddula@yahoo.com